Men’s guide to wearing red this winter Ireland

Men’s guide to wearing red this winter

Men’s guide to wearing red this winter

Let’s face it, winter is that season that bring dull and dark weather that can leave some of deflated. Its short dark days and long cold nights makes it ideal for snuggling up to a warm cost fire.

The current COVID-19 situation is doing nothing to help lift our mood given the lock down restrictions. However, this doesn’t mean we should dismiss our fashion outlook during this cold season. In fact we should all embrace it and do things to cheer ourselves up.

What better way to do this than dressing in colours that can lighten any mood. Red is one of those colours associated with warmth and joy.

By adding some red shades to our fashion look this winter helps to elevate our look and mood. Here at Men’s fashion Ireland, we take a snap shot at a few ways to inject some red tones into our men’s winter fashion look this season.

Before we get down to styling red, there are few things you need to know

Find a red that suits your skin tone

Given the different variations of red available today, you need to get one that matches your complexion. For example if your skin is dark, avoid any pale shades of red. One good rule of thumb to remember is the darker your skin tone, the easier it is to pull off bright colours.

Balance is key

Like anything when styling your outfit, getting colour coordination and balance is key. Bright tones of red tend to pop when fused with black or white shades.

The likes of greys or navy tend contrast better with hot dynamic tones of red. Remember, the more darker the shade, the more brighter colours stand out.

However, don’t get caught up about your choice of red tones. Last year’s hues are quite sufficient for this years red looks. As long as your choice of red balances with your skin tone you will be fine.

Choose your material carefully

This is a matter of personal choice but appearance it important to achieving any great fashion finish. This year it’s the season of natural cottons and wool. Not only some of them great sustainable fashion choices but have a more legitimate use of wear.

The smart way to wear red this season

This is the catalyst of dressing up your red tones this winter. Another way to look at is essential dress for those more formal occasions. Just because Christmas parties and large family gatherings are off the table this winter shouldn’t mean you should sacrifice your fashion look.

Benetton Turtleneck in 100% virgin wool

Benetton Turtleneck in 100% virgin wool

It’s always good to dress up as it makes us feel good. For any of you facing a more formal occasion this season, burgundy is a great choice of red to fuse into your fashion look. Start with a dark burgundy roll-neck or turtleneck jumper.

Add a black pair of men’s fitted trousers and black loafers. Add a touch of natural fibres by completing the look with a ark woven wool or tweet jacket. It’s warm, stylish and very gentlemanly like.

Think smart casual

For something that is slightly less formal, move your look down a gear (not too much) and inject a bit more casual to your fashion finish.

Tan or sand tones men’s chinos fuse effortlessly with shades of blush, crimson and scarlet red tones. A smart knit sweater or silk shirt are super-duper finish when paired with a stylish pair of black ankle boots. Add a cool burgundy bomber jacket if heading outdoors.

Super casual red look

This fashion look incorporates so many different garments that you will be spoiled for choice. Because this is more relaxed than smart casual, be inventive when choosing shades of red.

Rose, candy or cherry reds in the form of hoodies or sweaters look fab when paired with denims. The likes of relaxed or straight leg jeans and a hoodie are a perfect pairing.

Again, make sure your choice of red shades match your skin tone. Add a pair of white sneakers for that perfect finish.

Final thought on men’s red fashion

Balance is key when putting together any fashion assemble. Red is a warm and loving colour, especially during the winter months. Always choose reddish tones that pair with your complexion.

Ask a friend for his or her opinion on your choice of red shade. They are normally the best people to ensure your men’s red look is proportionate.


Men’s guide to wearing red this winter

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