Fashion rules that plus sized women should stick to in Ireland

Fashion rules that plus sized women should stick to

Fashion rules that plus sized women should stick to

Rules, especially in the fashion world, are meant to be broken. Who says you cannot wear navy and black together? Or petite people should not wear long dresses?

There are even people out there who think that they are bound by certain fashion rules if you are over a size 14. Well, screw that. Here at Ladies fashion Ireland we will tell how you can wear anything you want to if you have the confidence.

Avoid White

The key to wearing something flattering comes down to fit, not colour. If you choose the right pieces, white will not make you look larger. Just like black will not make you look smaller if it doesn’t fit properly.

The only exception is that wearing white on camera can make you look bigger. When shopping for white garments, avoid flimsy fabrics as these can highlight any bumps. Pick materials that have some structure. Not only will they give you support, but they can conceal your underwear when you are in natural lighting.

Button-Down Shirts Are Unflattering

Despite what you hear, button-down shirts can compliment curves. Look for one that has stretchy material and details that create shape. Think wrapping. For an even more slender figure, wear your shirt under a blazer. This will shrink your midsection and elongate your frame.

Plus Size Navy Bubble Crepe Plunge Maxi Dress

Plus Size Navy Bubble Crepe Plunge Maxi Dress

Limit Bright Colours Or Prints

When it comes to colour, there is only one rule. Make sure it compliments your skin. A bright red can look slimming when the cut and fit flatter your shape.

As with prints, make sure that they are in proportion to your body. if a curvier woman wear a tiny print, it can get lost. But a surprisingly forgiving option is watercolour print. One colour melt into the other and it looks flattering.

Embrace Monochrome

Use fashion trends, do not abuse them. monochrome works well on everyone. It works by creating one long, lean line. However, simply throwing on pieces in the same shade will make you look sloppy. Instead, play around with different fabrics. Adding textures into your look can make you look interesting and on trend.

And while people love nudes, avoid wearing the same colour as your skin tone. You want to have some delineation between where you end and your clothes begin.

Stripes Can Be Risky

Okay, so stripes have received a bad reputation. And we can see why. Chunky, straight horizontal bands do not do anyone any favours. But there are stripes out there that work for plus-sized people. Many designers are making stripes that are asymmetrical, which can make you appear slimmer. To help slim your waistline, look for stripes that angle inward. A dark background with lighter stripes is superior to the opposite.


Fashion rules that plus sized women should stick to

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