Fashion mistakes to avoid when styling man bags Ireland

Fashion mistakes to avoid when styling man bags

Fashion mistakes to avoid when styling man bags

Like a toothpaste stain on a pair of black jeans, people will notice if you wear the wrong bag. Hopefully, most of you men out there realise that wearing a bag is not emasculating. Between your headphones and leftovers for lunch, you need somewhere to stash your essentials when out and about.

Keep reading here at Men’s Fashion Ireland about common fashion mistakes men make with their bags and how to avoid them.

Wearing The Wrong Bag

Many things have a time and a place. And that includes bags. Your sleek leather bag works great for your commute to the office. However, you should probably leave it at home when travelling to… let’s say, the beach?

Instead, take a cue from your clothing. While you can wear a backpack with your suit without looking like a child, consider the look and feel of what’s on your arm. And always remember different materials.

Nylon Zipper Man Bag from Mango Ireland

Nylon Zipper Man Bag from Mango

Underestimating Colour

Every person knows the importance of getting the basics right when it comes to dressing well. This usually means ensuring you are well-stocked with all-occasion all-rounders in classic shades like navy, tan or black before anything else.

Once you master the basic colours, you can introduce louder bags in bold colours and fabrics before moving onto prints and patterns.

Buying Faux Leather

We understand that the good stuff does not come cheap and some imitations are like the real deal. But if the budget allows, splashing out on real leather is worth the investment.

Not only will you get better quality but it also ages better as the body softens and develops its own unique look. But there is no need to break the bank when it comes to leather. The high street is upping its game, meaning there are plenty of affordable options out there.

If a weekend bag costs more than a weekend away, it may be worth looking at pre-loved items.

Getting A Bag With No Compartments

When it comes to bags, having a good look and some substance are both important. Not to be too general, but men are apparently good at compartmentalising their feelings. So why not take some of those skills and apply them to your bag?

Look for side pockets that will keep your essentials in reach. If it is a work bag you are looking for, extra compartments are great for files.

Not Treating Suede Or Leather

A bag is one of menswear’s under-appreciated accessories. They carry all of your essentials, yet they receive very little love in return.

If you opt for a bag made with hardy canvas, you probably do not mind some rough and tumble. However, suede and leather will start to show neglect quickly if you do not treat them.

Prevention is better than cure. Make sure to carry out regular TLC checks. Suede bags need to be brushed to ensure your bag is kept debris-free. While leather can be kept in good condition with a conditioner.


Fashion mistakes to avoid when styling man bags

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