How to maintain your leggings for longer lasting wear Ireland

How to maintain your leggings for longer lasting wear

How to maintain your leggings for longer lasting wear

Thanks to lockdown, we have been spending a lot of time lounging around in our leggings. But despite how comfortable they are, they are not invincible.

So if you want to know how to prolong the life of your precious leggings, here at Teenage fashion Ireland, we will show you how.

Do Not Over Wash Them

How often you should wash your leggings is often a much-debated topic. Although there is no golden number, the less you wash a garment, the longer it will last. If you are coming back from an intense workout session or running a marathon, needless to say, you should throw your leggings in for the wash. But if you have been lounging around the house all day, you can probably hold off for a while.

Take Care When Washing

There are some things to keep in mind before you start washing your leggings. First, use an active-wear detergent to avoid the fabric stretching and pulling. Some leggings are made from spandex, nylon or cotton that are prone to snagging.

High-Waisted Powerhold Ladies Leggings from Fabletics Ireland

High-Waisted Powerhold Ladies Leggings from Fabletics

Secondly, wash with cool water and on a low spin. To protect the colour, turn them inside before tossing them in your machine.

Avoid Using Fabric Softeners

We need to make this clear. Fabric softeners are like kryptonite for your leggings. Especially when they are made with moisture wicking materials like polyester. Most softeners contain ingredients like silicone. This can decrease the efficiency of their absorbing materials.

If you have a pesky smell that you cannot get rid of, simply soak your leggings in a solution of a quarter cup of white vinegar and cold water before washing. Vinegar has odour absorbing properties and will give your leggings and extra clean boost.

Do Not Throw Them In The Dryer

To ensure your leggings stay looking brand new, avoid using the tumble dryer and air dry them instead. To high heat from your dryer can warp strands of fabric and weaken the material. This in turn can lead to tears in your leggings.

It’s also important to keep in mind that water can weigh down your leggings and stretch them. So, try to let them dry on something flat.


How to maintain your leggings for longer lasting wear

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