Debbie Harry and Vin + Omi release eco fashion collection Ireland

Debbie Harry and Vin + Omi release eco fashion collection

Debbie Harry and Vin + Omi release eco fashion collection

In Irish fashion news, Singer, Debbie Harry AKA Blondie has teamed up with Vin + Omi for a new eco-friendly fashion collection.

The 75-year-old American born singer has released her new fashion range as part of her titled “Hope” collection which she hopes will raise attention to the challenges facing the planet on which we live.

The Miami born musician first broke onto the music scene back in the later 70’s and sold got her name because of her distinctive blonde hair. She went on to sell millions of records around the world topping the charts on both sides of the Atlantic.

Talking about the release of her new “Hope” fashion collection the star commented that she hopes her new fashion range will draw attention to the harmful effects that the use of plastic has on the environment. Blondie points out that this is having a damaging effect on both humans and wildlife especially marine life & habitats.

She is against the littering of our beaches and landscapes with dangerous and harmful plastics clogging up our streams and landfills.

She hopes her new collection will make people stop and think as well as educate & empower them into making a difference in adjusting our attitudes and behaviours about plastics while reducing global plastic pollution

Debbie’s first fashion release include 2 eco-friendly tees and hoodies that are constructed using different blends of recycled cotton and rPET fabrics
The fabrics used in this new collection were especially chosen by both Debbie and VIN + OMI who are all passionate about reducing plastic pollution in the environment.

VIN + OMI said “Our new eco collaboration with Debbie is a reaction to the zeitgeist. We love working with her and are inspired by her forward thinking and desire to do things that make a difference to the planet. She’s always very … now.”

This HOPE fashion project is a natural extension of the links between Harry and VIN + OMI.

Fans of Debbie’s new sustainable fashion “Hope” range with VIN + OMI’s HOPE range is available now online at


Debbie Harry and Vin + Omi release eco fashion collection

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