How to choose the best boots for men this winter Ireland

How to choose the best boots for men this winter

How to choose the best boots for men this winter

As far as winter goes, your choice of footwear is going to determine how dry and warm your feet are. Unlike other times of the year when men’s sneakers of lightweight shoes are acceptable, winter is very different.

Keeping your feet is imperative when it comes to comfort. Flimsy footwear may look great but won’t protect your tootsies from damp are harsh elements of the weather.

However, this doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice on style when choosing your footwear for the season ahead. Looking good is important to most of us guys so we are going to show you how to maintain a stylish by choosing the correct footwear.

Enter the old reliable men’s boots. Unlike shoes, boots add that bit more protection to your feet during winter. They provide extra cover to the ankle and toe area to keep your feet more protected from rain, frost and snow.

Here at Men’s Fashion Ireland, we are going to show you a few styles that can be incorporated into any fashionable day or night look this season.

This will ensure you still look great while providing essential cover to your loving feet.

Things to consider when choosing winter boots

When deciding the right boot for your feet this winter, you should consider the following

Quality of the boot: This is not a time to go cheap when choosing your boot for the months ahead. After all, they are there to keep your foot dry, warm and safe.

Leather is the right choice. Unlike canvass or suede, good quality leather is water resistant and doesn’t absorb moisture. This keeps the inside of your feet all snug and dry.

Grip to the sole: The last thing any guy wants during winter is to slip on their bum because their boot has insufficient grip. It’s not only dangerous but can be embarrassing.

A good winter boot should provide good grip on the sole to protect you from water slips or ice skating when the frost hits.

Choose a style that suits you: Every guy wants to look good regardless of the time of year. Just because it’s winter doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice style for comfort.

Opt for a boot that suits your own style. There are so many choices out there when it comes to men’s boot designs. If you can combine, quality with grip and style you have the making of a great winter boot.

Kurt Geiger Leather Chelsea Boots from Arnotts

Kurt Geiger Leather Chelsea Boots from Arnotts

Different style of boots that are great winter choices

As I said previously, getting the right design boot for your own individual style is nearly as important as the protection the boot offers to your feet.

Here are a few boot designs to look at as great winter boot choices. Whether it’s for work, smart casual or dress me up, there’s a design her to suit you.

Brogue Boots

The Brogue boot has a rugged look about it. It’s like a hybrid between a shoe and a hiking boot. Styling your brogue design boot has an air of county or outdoor style attached to its fashion dress.

These look well when paired with men’s jeans and cable knit sweaters. For something a bit more elevated, black or brown brogue boots can be paired with fitted trousers, plaid shirt and long line cardigan. Add a plain tweed jacket and it’s outdoor styling at its best.

The combat military boot

For those of you who are not fully fashion compliant and like the rebel edge, combat boots are a good choice for you. Word of caution though, this is totally a casual fashion look.

Black high leg lace up combat boots can fuse effortlessly with dark black skinny jeans. Add a bomber jacket (army green or black) with white tee and there you have it! Another great piece of layering is a long length trench coat design (if you not a bomber jacket man)

Chelsea Boots

This style of boot is probably the most versatile of them all. It screams relaxed or dress me up fashion. They can be dressed up or down and still look add something great to your fashion finish.

For those more relaxed casual days, fitted jeans with a nice shirt and waist length jacket look cool with your Chelsea’s. For something more smart, trousers, fitted crewneck knit sweater and long coat is great winter smart dress.

Plain black or brown Chelsea boots provide easy styling when pairing with other colours. Balance is key when assembling any fashion look.

The Ankle boot look

OK, this looks fab but an air of caution is needed here. While the ankle boot is really stylish it doesn’t provide the same protecting to the feet as the Chelsea or combat boot.

Lower side panels can leave your ankles more exposed to the elements. However, choose your occasion wisely and you can still nail the great ankle boot look during the winter months.

These look great when teamed with chinos and v-neck jumpers and shirt. Opt for more gentle tones when compiling your fashion assemble. They are a great alternative to wearing sneakers for the season ahead.


How to choose the best boots for men this winter

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