Tips to help you break in your leather boots Ireland

Tips to help you break in your leather boots

Tips to help you break in your leather boots

So, you’ve decided to buy yourself a new pair of leather boots. The perfect choice of footwear for your autumn wardrobe. And while we love getting new shoes, there is something that we don’t love. The breaking in process.

Almost all shoes need to be broken in but boots can be one of the trickiest. But it’s not impossible. Here at Teenage fashion Ireland, we”s show you how.

Soften Them Up

Depending on the quality of leather, some shoes can feel stiffer than others. Especially if it’s your first time wearing them. to start to soften up the leather, try a conditioner. And, although some people swear by it, don’t soak your leather shoes in water. This can make your shoes shrink, which is the opposite of what you want them to do.

Not only will conditioner soften the leather, but it protects your shoes from anything Mother Nature throws at them. Lots of footwear designers make their own conditioner, so try to buy one from the same manufacturer as your shoes. Once you find a leather conditioner that works, make sure it’s the same colour as your shoes.

Wear Them At Home

There is nothing worse than the blisters that come when trying to break in new shoes. As tempting as it is to put on your new boots and head out the door, it’s always a good idea to break them in first by wearing them at home.

But it’s essential that you buy shoes that are the right size. If things are too tight, do not assume that they will stretch out. While they may stretch a little, they will never feel good if the size is wrong.

If you are between sizes, go up a size. You can always wear thick socks or insoles to fill up the extra space.

Put on your thick socks and wear your new shoes around the house a couple of times for a few hours. It shouldn’t be long before you feel them mould to your feet.

Crush The Heel

Most people agree that the heel is the most painful part of the shoe. We don’t mean the heel height or shape. But the actual construction of the shoe. The part that wraps around the back of your heel where the leather meets the sole.

There is an easy way to break this part of the shoe in. And that’s by crushing it.

This is just a fancy way of saying you take your wrist and push down as hard as you can on the heel. It won’t damage the shoe or leather but will help to soften things up. Think of it like squatting in a new pair of jeans to stretch them out.

Like denim, leather will wear in over time but crushing the heel just gives things a head start.

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Use A Shoe Stretcher

If your shoes feel a little snug, it may be worth investing in a shoe stretcher. A quality pair of boots will naturally break in after a few wears. However, if they don’t, this is where a shoe stretcher can come in handy.

But they won’t stretch out your shoes instantly. Instead, wear your shoes around your house and at night, put your shoe stretcher inside. Within a few days, you should start to feel a difference.

Get Yourself Blister Pads

Your feet will thank you for it. We are all about preventing blisters and keeping your feet pain-free. However, sometimes they will crop up no matter what preventative steps you take. So, you need to be prepared.

Think about where blisters normally form on your feet – at your heel, your toes or the back. Put on as many blister pads or plasters as you like before putting on your boots. Between wearing your pads and a thick pair of socks, your feet should have enough protection against painful blisters.

Tips to help you break in your leather boots

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