Helena Christensen and Anine Bing new fashion collection

Helena Christensen and Anine Bing new fashion collection

Helena Christensen and Anine Bing new fashion collection

In Irish fashion news, Danish Supermodel Helena Christensen has teamed up with fellow Dane, Anine Bing for a new clothing collection.

Christensen who is infamous for staring on the all the word’s major catwalks in the 90’s alongside Kate Moss and Naomi Campbell to create a fashion capsule with Danish fashion model and fashion designer Anine Bing

The 51-year-old ex-Victoria Secrets model was one of the hottest names in runway fashion at the turn of the century and her new 11-piece capsule collection that is a collaboration between Anine Bing herself is heavily influenced by the style of the 90’s.

The Copenhagen born beauty has declared that 90’s fashion for women was unique and “powerful.

In a recent interview talking about her new fashion collection, Christensen comments that the 90’s was a terrific time fashion.

She explained that women dressed at that time when fashion had a powerful businesswoman type feel to it but in a more laid-back way.

Christensen and Bing’s collection will drop on Tuesday 10th November and will include A range of tees, jeans, a silk jumpsuit and bodysuit with prices ranging between €80 to €500

The pair have been working on their new collection for over 12 months even during the challenging times of the coronavirus pandemic.

Helena admits that putting this new collection together has been challenging but rewarding at the same time.

Anine and Helena created the ideas for each piece using ideas and love based on their own personal styling of the 90’s era.

Bing commented that both herself and Helena managed to fuse our ideas together which has resulted in this relaxed and tab bohemian style new fashion collection

Anine also believes that their new designs will empower women and make them feel more confident and believe in themselves.

Things to watch out for in the fab new collection are the Claudia Blazer €349 , the Rosalie Jumpsuit €499 and the stylish Natasha Clutch bag €399.

Pieces from this fab new collection will be available online from Tuesday 10th November 2020 at www.aninebing.com


Helena Christensen and Anine Bing new fashion collection

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