How to keep your suede boots clean this winter

How to keep your suede boots clean this winter

How to keep your suede boots clean this winter

Due to their texture, suede is more high maintenance than leather. Because the soft material can mark easily, suede can look matted and worn down if you wear it a lot.

But the good news is that cleaning suede is easier than you think. For small marks and scuffs, you can use a brush or suede eraser. And for those bigger problems, white vinegar can work well, or you can invest in special cleaners and shampoos.

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Scuffs And Marks

If you have accidentally banged your shoes on your table or footpath, chances are they are a little scuffed up. But using a suede brush can be the easiest way to sort out this problem.

Gently brush over the marks going in the same direction of the grain until it starts to fade. The brush can be a great tool for bringing dull shoes back to life and making them look brand new.

Black wide fit suede boot from River Island Ireland

Black wide fit suede boot from River Island

Dirt And Grime

If you are dealing with built up grime and dirt, you can simply use a suede eraser. You take it and rub it over the spot to remove any grime. Don’t be afraid to apply a bit of pressure. It can take a few minutes to start to see results so just keep at it.

You can then bring the brush back out and smooth over the shoe. Just remember to go in one direction.

Deep Set Stains

While your eraser and brush can be handy for tackling small stains and marks, sometimes you need to bring out the big guns. And by big guns, we mean a suede specific cleaning system.

However, it’s important to note that not all cleaning products are the same. Remember to read instruction and ingredient lists. Some products require you to dilute the solution with water and then dip your brush in. Others you can just apply directly to your shoes.

But if you don’t mix them with water and are worried about ruining your shoes, don’t be. Simply, stuff them with paper to hold their shape, let them dry overnight and brush them in the morning to get the texture back.

How to keep your suede boots clean this winter

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