How to keep bacteria out of your beauty products Ireland

How to keep bacteria out of your beauty products

How to keep bacteria out of your beauty products

We end up using our favourite beauty products almost every day. But the same cannot be said for how often we end up cleaning them.

If your makeup bag is covered in concealer or you cannot remember how long you’ve had your favourite mascara, it may be time to sanitise your beauty products. Not doing so can lead to bacteria growth. Which is the main cause of skin conditions like acne, blocked pores, dull skin and breakouts.

Read on to find out how you can begin to keep bacteria out of your beauty products.

Dump Dry Mascara

It can be hard to say goodbye to your favourite products. Pumping that last bit of mascara pushes air into the tube and this is a breeding ground for germs.

Which you then put repeatedly onto your eyes. Throw your mascara away after three months. Your lashes and eyes will thank you for it.

Wipe & Reapply

We all love a red lip, don’t we? But we all know that in order to keep that gorgeous red shade, you need to reapply during the day. Touching up your lipstick after eating in common – and so is reapplying your lipstick straight from the bullet.

Make sure you wipe your lips before putting your lipstick anywhere near them. This way, you reduce the number of food particles that comes into contact with your favourite lip product.

Decant Your Products

Ever wondered why dermatologists are big fans of airless pumps? It’s because they lessen the chance of harmful bacteria taking up space in your skincare.

MAC Brush Cleanser Ireland

MAC Brush Cleanser

Exposure to air and sticking your fingers in products is a sure-fire way of spreading germs. Use formulas in tubes or transfer your makeup in an airless pump container.

Separate Your Brushes

Brushes that can be used multiple ways are great for streamlining your makeup kit. However, it’s also a quick way for bacteria to go from one product to the next. Try to clean your brushes before switching products or use your clean fingers instead.

And Keep Them Clean

It can be easy for your dirty makeup brushes to add up. And the thought of having to wash a load of dirty brushes is not an appealing one.

But there are steps that you can take to make it easier.

Remember to clean them one at a time. wet the bristles using warm water and add your brush cleanser. Then, swirl it around until you see suds. Next, massage the cleanser into your brush so that it breaks down any grime and bacteria.

Rinse until the water runs clear. If you are cleaning a sponge, keep applying your cleanser and rinsing until all the makeup is gone. Squeeze out any excess moisture and lay on a flat surface to dry overnight.

Make sure your tools are clean and dry before using them. also, do not forget your handle. Just give it a quick wipe down with some anti-bacterial cleanser and you’re all set.

How to keep bacteria out of your beauty products

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