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Boux Avenue promoting body positivity this Christmas

Boux Avenue promoting body positivity this Christmas

In Irish fashion news, lingerie specialist Boux Avenue are embarking on a campaign to promote body positivity.

As one of the UK’s leading lingerie and nightwear companies who recently launched a selection of loungewear, they are now concentrating to make body positivity a priority for people searching for various sized of loungewear

With Ireland and the UK in a lockdown situation in a battle to contain the Coronavirus, Boux Avenue have seen a surge in demand for their own fashion wear from consumers confined to their own homes due to movement restrictions.

According to Boux Avenue, customer searches for their loungewear have increased to over 400% while searches for other items like oversized hoodies hitting the 190% mark. Searches for nightwear are also up with the likes of pyjamas, dressing gowns and slippers all increasing by over 100%.

The UK clothing company which was set up back in 2001 by business entrepreneur Theo Paphitis, of “Dragons’ Den” put all increases in demand down to the fact the people are moving away from formal fashion across to loungewear.

Boux Avenue have also themed their Christmas ad campaign “The new Loving You For You” around promoting body positivity. It showcases a range of their own clothing on people of different shapes to highlight how different we all are, but how fabulous we all are”.

According to Boux, this reflects the mood of the nation around body positivity which has increased this year as brand communications have grown more inclusive and positive in the light of the pandemic.

Their campaign is influenced by the viral Style Not Size TikTok challenge. This is designed to promotes us all embracing different body shapes. The challenge features UK Reality TV star Olivia Bowen who appears alongside Love Islanders Harley Brash and Yewande Biala, as well as fashion influencer Bella Michelle.

You can check out our all of the latest arrivals from Boux Avenue at their website


Boux Avenue promoting body positivity this Christmas

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