Penneys have no plans to provide on-line shopping Ireland

Penneys have no plans to provide on-line shopping

Penneys have no plans to provide on-line shopping

In Irish fashion news, one of Ireland’s favourite and much-loved fashion retailers have revealed they have no plans to develop an on-line store for their business.

Penneys and Primark who are part of subsidiary of the British food processing and retail company ABF have this week recorded record losses due to the impact that COVID-19 has had on their business.

Unlike other fashion retailers who are making the switch over to on-line, Penneys have dismissed the idea saying their traditional shoppers prefer the in-store experience of shopping for clothing and accessories.

Penneys who have a successful history of retailing since they opened their first store on Dublin’s Mary Street back in 1969 are one of many businesses to experience severe financial losses during COVID -19 given their dependency on footfall shoppers visiting their stores.

George Weston who is CEO of the group confirmed that even though the past 9 months have been challenging for the brands, their position has not changed in delving into the on-line trade.

In a media statement released by the company, Weston noted that Primark have traded extremely well since their stores reopened. Primark have recorded over €2 billion-euro in sales up to the 12 September 2020.

George went on to say, “I think that COVID has more demonstrated the strength of Primark than the weakness,” he told Reuters. “What we’ve seen with Primark is when people are able to shop they prefer to shop with us than do so online,”

Primark also expect to see a decline in sales of around €400 million euro due to the new lockdown. However, on a more positive note they also expect their full year trading figures for 2020-21 sales and profit to be up on the previous year.

The company will also continue their expansion plans to open more retail stores in the coming months which will include new branches across America.


Penneys have no plans to provide on-line shopping

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