How to style brown as part of men’s fashion winter wardrobe Ireland

How to style brown as part of men’s fashion winter wardrobe

How to style brown as part of men’s fashion winter wardrobe

When it comes to styling brown for most men it’s one of those take it or leave it colours. Most of us guys see brown more as an accessory or footwear tones to be added to our daily fashion look.

However, brown is the new alternative to black when it comes to fashion styling, especially for men. Surprisingly, brown fashion is a flattering and can fuse well with many different tones and colours.

As a modern-day colour not just confined to the gentry of years gone by, brown can elevate any look if styled correctly. OK, I’m not saying you have to go head to shades of brown this winter, just consider your options.

There are three key fashion items that every guy can start off with when inventing their brown wardrobe look. Each are easy to pull off and can complement your fashion look for the season ahead.

Here at Men’s Fashion Ireland, we check out three key fashion items to start with when building your winter wardrobe.

Ways to style brown

Most guys today want to have balance as part of their fashion line-up. Certain shades of brown can help you do this without looking like your old School geography teacher.

The key in dressing any colour including brown is balance. From chocolate brown to nutmeg hues of brown, there is a shade that suits you. The other side of this is to ensure you can blend your shades with items in your wardrobe.

For example, a dark shade of chocolate-coloured suit paired with a lighter brown toned shirt and tan shoes looks fab for that formal occasion. For something more relaxed, opt for light brown chinos and fuse with a knitwear jacket or jumper. It’s balanced plus warm during the winter months.

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Select the right brown for your skintone

Believe it or not, different shades of brown work better based on your own skintone. For example, if you are really dark skinned (or tanned) then lighter shades of brown are going to work better for your look.

For guys with pasty looking skin, darker browns can work better. However, it’s all about balancing brown tones that work for your look. Only you will know if the brown of your choice looks good on you.

The brown trouser look

As I said previously, brown is the new black when it comes to winter styling. It is slimming plus can be dressed up or down depending on the occasion.

The great thing about today’s fashion is the choice of browns available in men’s clothing. For something more relaxed, brown chinos , beige corduroy or tobacco men’s jeans are a great starting choice.

They can be paired easily with brighter shades of brown or lighter yellow tones in the form of a fitted shirt. Add a brown leather jacket white trainers and you got a super relaxed brown finish.

Moving up a notch, charcoal brown trousers fused with a white or lemon shirt looks really smart. Add a pair of brown brogues and knitted jacket and you have nailed it. Each of these looks presents a balanced finish to your overall look.

The brown sweater injection

Knitwear is king when it comes to autumn fashion. This year, oversized fashion is the “in-thing” when it comes to men’s casual styling. However, this isn’t a get me out of jail card to throw any old brown tones together as part of your sweater look.

Rustic tones of brown in the form of a sweater fuse effortlessly with blue denim jeans and light brown men’s boots. Sweaters are only ever going to be the accepted choice for casual fashion you’d think right? Well no this isn’t the case.

A fitted lamb’s wool mid-brown sweater looks smart when fused with black or grey trousers and jacket. It brings something else to your smart dressed up look. Again, keep the balance of your choice of shades right.

The reliable brown jacket finish

Lucky enough this incorporates a few types of outer layering. Whether it’s that modern day brown leather jacket look to coffee coloured knit jackets or camel coats, the choice is endless.

Given its winter, insulation and protection from the elements is going to be a key factor when designing your day or night wardrobe. For something really relaxed, fuse your brown biker style leather or dark corduroy jacket with blue denim jeans. Add plain white trainers to complete your look.

When you are moving up to something more formal, look at knitted brown jackets that can fuse with a nice pair of men’s dark brown trousers.

Shirt wise, whites or light brownish tones are a good choice. Brogues or men’s loafers add an air of chicness to this finish. If the weather is extremely cold, add a brown camel hair coat to keep your warm.

The correct brown shoes

For those of you who are not completely sold on the concept of brown fashion, start small. The beauty about brown footwear is that it can pair with most smart casual outfits.

A pair of smart brown brogues or derby shoes can be added to any blue or black denim jeans. Your choice of coloured shirt or sweater (not hoodies) isn’t as important as long as they are coloured blocked.

One important fashion tip to remember though. Ensure your choice of brown shoe shade is a lighter or darker shade than your trouser tone.


How to style brown as part of men’s fashion winter wardrobe

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