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Stylish ways to wear ladies crop tops this winter

Stylish ways to wear ladies crop tops this winter

For most the crop top is that item that is best left for the summery and autumn months of fashion, right? Wrong, the crop top is a 365 days piece of fashion that can be enjoyed in so many ways all year around. The only difference when styling your crop top during the winter months is to layer it correctly.

Temperatures at this time of year are a lot cooler than months of summer so correct insulation is a must when wearing any crop piece of fashion.

Here at Teenage fashion Ireland, we are going to show you some basic but simple rules to follow when styling your crop top this winter.

Remember, the cropper is best left to the young and mid generation (up to 40) given its tendency to expose skin around the midriff (sorry)

So, without a further ado, let’s look at ways to wear your crop top this winter in style.

The crop top and cardigan combo

What is it about the old reliable cardi that makes it a stylish insulator during winter? Maybe it’s because unlike a hoodie or sweater, it opens to help you regulate the temperature of your body.

Wool knits are the “in thing” this season and fusing a neutral crop top with a colourful long cardigan and colour block pair of leggings makes for a perfect winter fashion trio.

For a more “dress me up” look fuse your neutral crop top with a long cable knit cardi and blue or black denim jeans. Add ankle boots for that stylish in-door look for drinks with the girlies. Long sleeve floral crop tops are another great option with neutral bottoms.

Pink floral long sleeve crop top Ireland

Pink floral long sleeve crop top

The cropped sweater winter finish

As I said earlier, layering any type of crop top is vital during the winter months. Who wants to look great but freezing cold as it takes the fun out of fashion.

The cropped sweater is a real fun way to enjoy the cropped top look. It’s warmer than the traditional tee like crop plus can be worn with just a bra or bralette underneath.

This great semi casual look are makes it perfect daytime or evening glam wear. Cotton cropped sweater have casual fashion written all over them. However, opt for a fitted look and avoid anything baggy.

Add a pair of jeans and sneakers (Chelsea boots are good) and bingo. Shades of brown like Tortilla, hickory or peanut are fabulous colours to blend with blue or black denim trousers or jeans this season. This also allows you to show off any stylish navel piercings.

Long winter coats and cropped top finish

Like a cardigan, a winter coat is perfect overlaying for any crop top fashion finish this season. Woollen coats are especially “go to” fashion pieces this season.

Again, shades of brown like syrup or caramel are fab choices of woollen coats when fused with neural cropped designs underneath. I strongly advise that you do keep your choice of cropped tops under any coat neutral during winter.

This helps is fall in with warm and succulent outer shades and avoids any “colour clashing.”

The high-rise pant and cropped top look

This combination is simply fab and has the definite ability to lift any crop top look. High-waisted denim jeans or colourful cigarette pants fuses effortlessly with cropped tops.

Whether it’s that cable knit cardigan or sweater to a cute cropped style bralette, high waist pants are the business.

Just remember to balance your shades with neutrals and one predominant outer layering colour to ring fast your overall fashion finish. Stay warm, choose the right layering that suits your style and enjoy!


Stylish ways to wear ladies crop tops this winter

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