Top styles to consider when buying men's puffer jackets Ireland

Top styles to consider when buying men’s puffer jackets

Top styles to consider when buying men’s puffer jackets

Known as a down jacket, a puffer jacket is one of those rare things: a 90s fashion staple that is practical.

This padded wonder fashion piece is capable of locking in heat in the iciest of conditions. And there is another benefit to puffer jackets – they can look good.

Something that has not gone unnoticed by designers. In more recent seasons, models can be seen rocking puffer jackets on the runways of Balenciaga and Raf Simons. And they has been a noticeable shift in this winter staple’s popularity.

Pulling off a puffer jacket doesn’t have to be a big deal. But it does require some skill. Here at Men’s fashion Ireland we show you the top styles you should consider when buying your puffer jacket.


Keeping warm with an insulating jacket doesn’t mean you have to go full on Michelin Man. A lightweight puffer jacket will give you the practical benefits of keeping out the cold without sacrificing your style.

The cut of a puffer jacket makes it useful for layering with your clothes. You can use it as outerwear or under your parka for those extra chilly days.

A light puffer jacket has one major advantage over a big one. They are not as bulky and therefore, easier to pack in your bag. This makes them a popular choice for outdoor enthusiasts and season travellers.

The North Face Nuptse 1996 Down Jacket

The North Face Nuptse 1996 Down Jacket


There is a certain joy that comes with knowing that your jacket can keep you toasty and warm. And there is a certain security that a proper windy puffer jacket will provide you.

If you are looking for a versatile coat that will see you through all seasons, a puffer jacket may not be the best option for you. However, if your primary concern is keeping warm and you want something you can simply throw over a jumper, this is the coat for you.


Winter can be the best time to experiment with big patterns, bright colours and straight-up statement pieces. But we are not talking about you digging out your Christmas jumper from the back of your wardrobe.

A statement puffer jacket can cut through the grim winter weather and look good while doing it. Puffer jackets have always been a bit of a statement piece to own. However, incorporating some block colouring or pattern will take things to the next level.

Just remember to keep the rest of your outfit simple. Let your jacket be the focal point of your look.

Top styles to consider when buying men’s puffer jackets

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