Ladies hat styles worth investing in this autumn and winter

Ladies hat styles worth investing in this autumn and winter

Ladies hat styles worth investing in this autumn and winter

As the temperatures drop, clothes tend to get bulkier until we all are walking around wearing everything in our wardrobes.

But there is one accessory that can amp up your outfit and happens to be practical and cute. That is the hat. Whether you go for an Emily in Paris beret or the same beanie you’ve worn for the last five years.

If your wardrobe needs updating, here at Ladies fashion Ireland  we will show some hat styles worth investing in this autumn and winter.


This French style classic hat can become costume-y if styled incorrectly. So, proceed with caution. To wear yours in cold weather, keep your outfit simple with jeans or a maxi dress and your trench coat.

And please avoid wearing striped tops, anything red, or anything that makes your outfit a stereotype of French style.

Wide-Brim Hat

From cowboys to old Westerns, wide-brim hats have taken on many forms and go with many different looks. Which means that it is easy to find one that compliments your own personal style.

For autumn and winter, felt hats are perfect for keeping you warm and cosy. While black may be a classic choice, don’t discount other shades like olive green, grey and even white.

Baseball Cap

The baseball cap is a classic for a reason. No matter the time of year, you will always find people wearing one. While they may not be the best at keeping your head warm during the cold weather, they are perfect for hiding those bad hair days.

You can keep things simple by rocking your baseball cap with some jeans, boots, a turtleneck and your favourite coat.

Lipsy Cable Knit Pom Hat

Lipsy Cable Knit Pom Hat from Next

Bucket Hat

Dominating the fashion scene in the 90s, bucket hats are by no means a new phenomenon. But that doesn’t mean that they are out of style. Far from it, in fact as they were one of the biggest trends last year.

Not only are they perfect for keeping your head warm during the cold months, but they are incredibly easy to style. To rock a bucket hat during autumn/winter, just pair it with a head-to-toe knitwear outfit and you will be cosy and chic.

Classic Beanie

If you are looking to keep the cold out and the warmth in this autumn/winter, you cannot go wrong with a classic beanie. They are nothing new when it comes to the style set. However, beanies continue to be all the rage when the cold weather hits.

To spice up those dreary and grey days, opt for a fun and bright colour. Or you can colour block with your coat to keep your outfit on trend.


Ladies hat styles worth investing in this autumn and winter

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