Gucci and Elle Fanning team for Absolute Beginners series

Gucci and Elle Fanning team for Absolute Beginners series

Gucci and Elle Fanning team for Absolute Beginners series

In Irish fashion news, Elle Fanning will take part in a short film as part of Gucci’ ‘Absolute Beginners’ film series.

The American actress has teamed with the Italian luxury fashion label for series of films that also feature 34-year old British fashion model, Jodie Turner-Smith and 26-year old American actor Kelvin Harrison Jr.

This series of short films will praise the potency of the pop culture and naïveté, the beauty in amateurism, and expose the power and vulnerability of the creative impulse while centring the Gucci Jackie 1961 bag”.

Gucci’s 9 series of films was part – released on TikTok on the 28th October and features Fanning, Harrison Jr., Turner-Smith along with 22-year old Italian actress Benedetta Porcaroli and 24-year old “The Crown” actress Emma Corrin.

As a follow up to the first release, Gucci will then drop the remaining films on Friday 6th November
And feature films by Little Women actress Lily Gavin, Irish actor Barry Keoghan, Yoshi, and Arlo Parks.

Chatting about this new venture with the world famous fashion label, Fanning commented that her film is all about captivating the nature of Gucci. Elle also commented that a dog can be hypnotised by its beauty.

Fanning said “One night while drifting off to sleep, I thought of this western showdown between a dog and dog owner with a scoreboard keeping tallies of how Gucci always wins.”

“Since I am an absolute beginner to directing, I wanted to make a statement with the tone. Yes, this is a fashion film, but why not tell a funny story while looking at sparkling garments?”

American actor Harrison Jr believes his film is essentially a story about the seemingly ever-present fear of love. He said “ The concept initially came from someone I was seeing who told me that the risk of falling in love was greater than the reward.

They had come to believe that after so many unsuccessful attempts at sustaining a long-lasting relationship it was unfair to expect anyone to take on their accompanying baggage. It was suggested I may be naive to believe that someone could not only handle the baggage of another,but embrace it with an authorship as if it were their own”.

Morgan Presley, the architect behind Gucci Model Challenge, will release a “#GucciAbsoluteBeginners guide to living a Gucci life. This will include visual and sound where  TikTok can use this to re-create their own Gucci videos.


Gucci and Elle Fanning team for Absolute Beginners series

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