Fresh ways to style your maxi dress this autumn season Ireland

Fresh ways to style your maxi dress this autumn season

Fresh ways to style your maxi dress this autumn season

When you think of maxi dresses, you think of glorious hot summer weather. But if you think this fashion piece can only be worn during the summer months, think again.

With a little creative styling, you can wear your maxi dress all year round and get bang for your buck. With the autumn season upon us, here at Ladies fashion Ireland, we show you how to rock your maxi dress with some simple styling tips.

Be Practical

Who doesn’t love a good maxi dress? But let’s face it. As far as practicality, it does not make a good piece to wear during autumn. So, if there is a strong chance of it being a windy or particularly chilly day, you can leave your maxi dress at home.

After all, who wants to drag a long skirt around in cold weather. However, if the weather is on your side, liberate your maxi dresses from your wardrobes and go for it.

Dove Dress Navy Cactus

Dove Dress Navy Cactus

Wear Layers

The best way to rock your maxi dress in autumn is to layer up your clothes. Start by adding a jumper or cardigan on top of your dress. Then, pull over a warm jacket or coat on top.

And don’t forget your winter accessories. Your hats, scarves and gloves will help to keep the cold weather at bay while ensuring you look your best.

Do Not Forget Your Legs

After you pile on your jumpers and coats to keep out the chilly weather, think about keeping your poor legs warm. And even though wearing a long skirt keeps out the cold, it can still get a little breezy.

So, it’s time to get your thick woolen tights out of your wardrobe. While you may not be able to see them due to the length of the dress you’re wearing, you can still rock a pair of tights in a funky pattern or design.

Or Your Feet

The most important part of your look will be your footwear. And we believe that boots are the best way to go. Especially in winter. Whether they are flat, heeled, ankle or knee-length, boots are a practical choice when it comes to your maxi dress this autumn season.

Fresh ways to style your maxi dress this autumn season

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