How to ensure your Halloween makeup stays put all night Ireland

How to ensure your Halloween makeup stays put all night

How to ensure your Halloween makeup stays put all night

What scarier than horror films at Halloween? Spending hours perfecting your makeup only to have it crease, smudge and melt off before the night is over.

Want to know how to avoid this nightmare happening to you? Here at Makeup & Beauty Tips Ireland we have put together some tips to keep your makeup in place, whether you are piling on the glitter, fake blood or bright eyeliner this year

Layer Your Setting Products

The key to your Halloween makeup staying on your face throughout the night is layering your setting products. And it’s important to do this as you go, especially if you are layering shades of face paint or pigments.



After you set down your first layer of makeup, go in and set it using some powder. Then add another layer of makeup and powder on top. Keep going until you get the vibrancy you are looking for. And remember to wait until your makeup dries before applying your powder. This will stop any smudges.

When you are finished with all your layers, top everything off with some setting spray.

Set With The Same Shade Of Your Pigments

To ensure any face paint stays put throughout the night, set it using a powder in the same colour. And although it can be hard to find brightly coloured powders, you can use your eyeshadow.

Using your eyeshadow or blush to set your makeup works like a dream and can be a great way to get more variety in colour.

Use Glitter Primer

Consider it your super-weapon when it comes to ensuring your makeup stays put. To set adhesives or glitter, use a primer that is specifically made for it. instead of going through the pain-staking process of trying to set your glitter products, just prime your skin before applying them. if you are looking for a great prime to use on a budget, try Nyx Professional Makeup Glitter Primer.

How to ensure your Halloween makeup stays put all night

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