Man wearing black jeans in Ireland Autumn 2020

Stylish ways to wear men’s black jeans during Autumn

Stylish ways to wear men’s black jeans during Autumn

There is something smart and reliable about black jeans that any guy can embrace. As well as being incredibly versatile they can be a great replacement for trousers for any smart casual occasion.

Their neutral colouring allows for them to be worn with most exterior layering like a smart men’s coat or bomber jacket.

Black jeans also means that you don’t have to be a master in fashion dress to make them look good on you.

Here at Men’s Fashion Ireland, we are going to show you some quick fashion tips on how to style your black jeans this Autumn.

Whether your preference is hip to smart athleisure wear, we will give you some ideas on how to nail the black jeans look for the season ahead.

Occasions that black jeans are acceptable

The beauty about black jeans is they are acceptable for almost any occasion. Unlike their brother, blue denim jeans which are associated with real casual, black nails almost any setting.

Given the way fashion has transcended in the past few years, black jeans are even now worn at weddings or important family gatherings.

However, we have not got to the stage yet where black jeans will replace the men’s trouser suit look in the office. Best leave that to a nice men’s suit finish.

Black Ollie spray on skinny jeans from River Island

Black Ollie spray on skinny jeans from River Island

The black jeans and shirt effect

During the summer your black jeans look probably included a tee or men’s polo shirt right? Well the temperature is now dipping so extra laying to cover your arms is the order of the day.

This doesn’t mean you have to exclude your tee, it just means you can wear a stylish shirt over it during the autumn and winter months.

For a more bohemian look opt for floral or paisley print designs. Season colours are a much with sunflowers, greys and pink hues on trend this season. Plaid flannel shirts also rock when paired with black jeans.

For something more dress me up casual, opt for a plain colour block cotton shirt. It’s sleek fitted finish can present for a perfect finish for dressier occasions. Neutral colours are the in thing” this season.

The black jeans casual effect

As we said previously, you don’t have to be a master of fashion to style black jeans. However, you don’t want an outfit that looks like its been thrown together with little effort.

Most style jeans suit for men’s casual wear and it all depends on your build and own style preference.

For something really casual opt for a white tee as a base. Add a quality hoodie with your black jeans and complete look with white trainers. Given it’s autumn, ensure your top is warm in colour. Avoid black on black as you might be mistaken as party of the clergy (leave that until warmer months)

For something more smart casual, opt for a fitted shirt and men’s blazer finish. You need that extra layering given the time of year. Make sure your black jeans have a more fitted finish as this makes your final appearance neat. Add a pair of men’s boots or loafer for that stylish finish.

Choice of coloured shoes to pair with black jeans

Did you know that by switching your footwear you can change the look of any outfit in an instance. This applies to when wearing black jeans. Anything from leather loafers to boots are a great choice when styling your black jeans during autumn or winter months.

You need shoes that are water resistant so stay away from suede or canvass during the months ahead. The main thing to remember when styling your footwear is to ensure your colour fuse with your outfit.

Browns and blacks always look good with black jeans. White leather men’s sneakers are a good choice for real casual occasions. Getting the balance right is key to a fabulous overall finish.


Stylish ways to wear men’s black jeans during Autumn

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