ASOS “As You” label

ASOS unveil new womenswear label “As You”

ASOS unveil new womenswear label “As You”

In Irish fashion news, on-line e-tailer ASOS have just launched their own fashion label of ladies clothing called “As You.”

The British online fashion and beauty e-commerce website believe their new range of women’s clothing are designed to “reflect the reality” of how its young customers are living their lives right now.

This independent label is a fashion range that their designer believe breathes life into glamorous fashion wear.

ASOS (As Seen On Screen) which was founded back in London in 2000 already operate other successful labels that include ASOS 4505, Collusion, and Reclaimed Vintage.

The debut “As You” collection includes 100 pieces of ladies fashion wear that ASOS say caters for “everything the customer needs to stand out every day, night, and everything in-between.”

Pieces from the new fashion line-up comprises of economically priced evening-wear as well as mix and match fashion items catering various fashion trends of the day.

In a clever move by the UK e-tailer, ASOS have kept their pricing range reasonable with pieces from their collection ranging between €10 and €40.

Womenswear Buying Director at ASOS, Nikki Tattersall said in a media statement that ASOS are excited about the launch of their new “As You” label which caters
For our younger customer base which provides them with a new way to showing their individual style in confidence.

Nikki said “ Our focus here at ASOS has been to create a versatile collection that encapsulates both on and off duty glam, reflecting the reality of how our customers are living their lives right now.”

Only last month the British fashion e-tailer saw their annual profits increase, four-fold due to a reduction in customer returns and cost cutting measures by the company.

ASOS reported their pre-tax profits of over €150 million euro up to August which is an increase of over 320% on the previous year. You shop the new “As You” label by ASOS at

ASOS unveil new womenswear label “As You”

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