5 ways to bring maximalist style into your wardrobe Ireland

5 ways to bring maximalist style into your wardrobe

5 ways to bring maximalist style into your wardrobe.

If you have not heard of the maximalism style trend, it’s all about embracing the excess.

So, think funky patterns, bold prints and bright colours. Embrace the idea that ‘more is more’ and keep away from simple and minimalism designs.

If you want to bring some drama to your wardrobe, here at Teenage fashion Ireland we show you how you can bring maximalist style into your life.

Mix Your Patterns

Hear us when we say that patterns are going to be your BFF when it comes to maximalism. Although they can look super intimidating at first, you will find a way to wear patterns that works for you.

Pair a piece with a small pattern against something that has a large and more eye-catching print. This will help to balance out the pieces and you will look put together and artsy.

Another way to wear prints and patterns is to stick to one colour family. For a simple black look, wear two pieces with different black and white patterns. This way the print will be eye-catching but you will not look too crazy.

Hot Pink Marella Tapered Ankle Trousers

Hot Pink Marella Tapered Ankle Trousers

Use The Colour Wheel

Knowing how to wear colours is great for any style, but it especially important for maximalism.

Have you ever wondered how people can wear crazy colours and still look stylish? It’s all about the colour wheel. Pairing shades that are opposite on the colour wheel will make them pop and bounce off each other.

Or if you do not want to go too crazy with the colours, stick to one and try wearing different shades to make patterns and prints stand out.

Wear What You Love

This is the number one tip to remember no matter what your style is. Whether it’s band t-shirts, bold patterns or bright colours, if you want to wear something, go for it. Maximalism is all about embracing the bold and excess.

And if someone tells you that you cannot wear something, do not listen to them.

Buy Statement Pieces

Investment pieces are often in neutral colour so that they match other items in your wardrobe. But why can’t a bold and fun colour do the same?

Once you learn how to work with the best colours for you, you will be able to incorporate a green trouser or lavender blazer into your wardrobe. Be purposeful in what you invest in. While it may be fun to buy clothes that look cute, if they don’t work with your existing wardrobe, pass on them.

Instead, build a wardrobe full of unique pieces that can be worn a number of different ways.

Pay Attention To Texture

Maximalism is all about embracing the excess. And with that being said, layers are an important part of any maximalist look. From shirts with different hemlines to wearing funky socks under jeans, texture is a lot more important than you would think.

To add some interest to your look, play around with textures, lengths and sizes to create a stylish outfit. additionally, embracing maximalism can be a great way to show off textured pieces you haven’t gotten a chance to wear yet. So, try working your faux fur coat with your studded black boot. Or a vinyl skirt with an oversized blazer.


5 ways to bring maximalist style into your wardrobe

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