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How to incorporate mod styling into your daily fashion look

How to incorporate mod styling into your daily fashion look

Mod is a subculture that began in the UK in the 60s and spread around the world.

With a focus on music and fashion, a small group in the late 50s were called modernists because they liked to listen to modern jazz. These teens basically wanted to a new style and broke away from traditional clothing worn by their parents. They aimed at being smart, sharp, neat and cool by embracing all things streamlined and sexy.

But how do you bring the mod style into your modern wardrobe. Here at Men’s fashion Ireland we show you it’s easier than you think.

What Is Mod Style?

There are certain youth cultures that have fallen by the wayside or become a hardcore cult. But the key principles of Mod fashion are still influencing the industry today.

Sharp tailoring, knitted polos, jacquard accents and Chelsea boots are still stylish pieces worn today.

The word ‘mod’ comes from ‘modernist’ and the key thing about this look is that it’s open to all kinds of influence and constantly evolves.

The Jam Parka Jacket Ireland

The Jam Parka Jacket

Mid-Century Knitwear

A knitted polo shirt may be the best way to reference the Mod look in a contemporary look today. If you manage to find one in a sharp pattern, you will look like you’ve stepped out of the 1950s.

Pair it with some tailored trousers, penny loafers and some light-coloured socks and you’ve got yourself a Mod look.


First things first. A Harrington jacket. You’ll need one. As far as lightweight jackets go, they are up there with the best. It is a cool and effortless piece, and with the Tartan lining, is quintessentially Mod.

While you can wear anything with your Harrington jacket, for true Mod style, go for a Oxford shirt, indigo jeans and Chelsea boots.

Keep your jeans slim, tuck in your shirt and roll up the hems to show off your shoes.

Modern Tailoring

If you think of the classic mod look, you might automatically think of tailoring. But it is exceedingly difficult to get right. A typical mod suit would feature a three-button front with structured shoulders.

However, for something more modern, stick to two buttons and wide lapels. This will feel more comfortable and look less like a costume.

For the rest of your look, bring it back to the sixties. Look sharp with a pair of Chelsea boots in black leather. Just make sure your trousers are hemmed high to allow your shoes to be seen. When it comes to your shirt, try to go for a tab collar. It can be hard to find this style nowadays, but you will look sharper for it.


How to incorporate mod styling into your daily fashion look

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