Last minute Halloween costumes that are fun Ireland

Last minute Halloween costumes that are fun

Last minute Halloween costumes that are fun

The spooky season is nearly upon us. And there are two types of people when it comes to Halloween. One puts a lot of time and effort into their costume and makeup.

The other one…does not. If you fall into the latter category, we feel you. It can be hard to know what to wear for Halloween or how to put a costume together.

So, here are just some easy costumes that you can throw on last minute. Here at Teenage fashion Ireland we show you how to nail great halloween looks  using clothes from your wardrobe.

Wednesday Addams

She may be cool, sadistic, and creepy, but Wednesday Addams sure know how to rock a little black dress. There are a few ways you can recreate her signature look. If you have a long-sleeve mini black dress, you are halfway there. Simply wear your dress over a white button-down shirt with the collar exposed. For your accessories, you can dust off an old black choker from the 90s and opt for short, black, chunky heels.

As for your makeup, you cannot go wrong with a dark smoky eye and black lipstick.

Black Long Sleeve Roll Neck Mini Dress Ireland

Black Long Sleeve Roll Neck Mini Dress

Joel From Risky Business

If you have never watched Risky Business – you should – you will still probably recognise this outfit. The classic video of a young Tom Cruise sliding across the floor with nothing on but a dress shirt, tighty-whities and tube socks has been recreated countless times.

Throw on an oversized shirt over a pair of shorts and tank top, slip on some comfy socks and wear your dark sunglasses in the house.

A Cat

No matter what type of skill you have at putting a Halloween costume together, everyone can pull off an animal. Simply because you tend to put more emphasis on the makeup than the outfit.

Slip on your little black dress with a pair of black, knee-high boots. Throw your hair into double buns to mimic ears – or just buy a cat headband – and draw on your whiskers and nose with eyeliner.

A Mime

This outfit is perfect for when you are at some awkward Zoom party and don’t feel like talking. Simply dress up as a silent comedian and everyone will get the hint. This costume calls for black trousers, a black and white striped top and white suspenders – if you have them. And don’t forget your white gloves.

Cruella de Vil

To pull of one of Disney’s most iconic – and fashionable villains, you’ll need a black dress, faux fur coat, temporary hair colour spray and red gloves and lipstick.


Last minute Halloween costumes that are fun

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