How to keep the skin around your eyes hydrated Ireland

How to keep the skin around your eyes hydrated

How to keep the skin around your eyes hydrated

Keeping your skin moisturised is an important part of healthy skin. But there is one area on our face that often goes overlooked when it comes to hydration.

The area around your eyes is significantly thinner than the rest of your face. Therefore, when we are dehydrated, your eyes will give you away. And this could be in the form of fine lines, wrinkles, puffiness, dark circles and other signs of ageing.

Fortunately, there are steps to take to make sure the skin around your eyes is happy and healthy. Here at Makeup & Beauty Tips Ireland, we will show you how.

Increase Your Water Intake

Whether it’s the skin around your eyes, on your face or the rest of your body, hydrating from the inside out is important. Just as important as applying your moisturisers, serums and gels to the outside.

So, if you notice your skin getting a little lacklustre recently, increase your water intake and see if that helps.

Know Drying Culprits

When it comes to nourishing your skin around the eyes, you should know what products and ingredients to avoid. Sun damage, caffeine, dehydration and alcohol can make your dry skin worse so it’s best to avoid these if you can.

Wear Your SPF

We’ve said it countless times and we’ll say it again. It’s so important to wear your sunscreen. Everyday. Not just when the sun is out. It’s not only proven to protect against sun damage but skin cancer as well.

But even the most devout sunscreen wearer can neglect overlooked areas. Like the skin around your eyes. This may be because you fear getting the product in your eyes. We don’t know. But do not forget to carefully dab some sunscreen around your eyes in the morning and reapply throughout the day for maximum coverage.

Protect & Perfect Intense ADVANCED Eye Cream from

Protect & Perfect Intense ADVANCED Eye Cream from

Go For The Right Products

The skin around your eyes is sensitive and delicate. With that in mind, it’s worth investing in a quality eye cream or serum to keep your skin hydrate.

Serums work best for oily skin while creams are more suited to drier skin types. But the formula is not the only thing to consider. Look for active ingredients. These include hyaluronic acid and glycerin which can moisturise your epidermis. Thus, minimising the appearance of fine lines.

Invest In Your Skin

Your skin is your largest organ and so it’s important to give it care and attention. This way, you’re ensuring it functions at its best. Keeping healthy habits will go a long way when it comes to great skin. As mentioned, research what you are putting on your skin. Apply products designed specifically for your eyes may show improvements.


How to keep the skin around your eyes hydrated

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