Allbirds debut their first sustainable fashion collection Ireland

Allbirds debut their first sustainable fashion collection

Allbirds debut their first sustainable fashion collection

In Irish fashion news, sustainable fashion brand Allbirds have unveiled their first eve fashion collection. The American fashion label are synonymous for their eco approach in developing stylish environmental footwear fashion.

Up until now the San Francisco based company produced natural sneakers constructed using recycled materials along with a selection of eco socks and underwear.

However, this has all changed for this leading eco based fashion label with the arrival of their first ever fashion collection which consists of a puffer jacket, woollen sweater and cardigan as well as a stylish tee.

Founded back 2016 by New Zealander Tim Brown and leading engineer specialist Joey Zwillinger, Allbirds continues their quest to producing eco-friendly fashion using regenerative natural materials.

Fans of this eco brand include ex US President, Barack Obama as well as Hollywood star Leonardo DiCaprio. This new collection from Allbirds has all been designed with sustainability at the heart of the designs of their new collection.

This includes the use of natural regenerative materials like eucalyptus tree fibres and merino wool which are substituted for petroleum-based plastics.

FSC-certifications and ZQ, Oeko-Tex 100 are included to ensure and confirm that the highest of animal welfare, sustainable and environmental standards are adhered to.

With a motto that says Apparel with Purpose’ all Allbirds fashion items are designed with environmental and sustainability as a priority.
Each piece from the Allbirds new fashion collection are also labelled with its own carbon footprint.

Back in April of this year, Allbirds unveiled their own “Allbirds Carbon Fund.” This fund is subsidised by the company’s’ self-imposed tax, which assists Allbirds own100% carbon neutrality,

The tax supports funds verify their emissions reduction projects of air, wind and energy in their operations. In May 2020, Allbirds teamed up with the world famous sportswear giant, Adidas to build a the first ever sports performance shoe that has the lowest carbon footprint on record.

Their stylish Men and women Trino Puffer sells for €280. Other items like their wool cardigan sells for €160 and jumper for €150.00

You can review this magnificent eco collection from their website is definitely one of the best eco fashion collections available today. We love it!


Allbirds debut their first sustainable fashion collection

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