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Ways to choose and style men’s loafers this winter

Ways to choose and style men’s loafers this winter

With the days getting shorter and temperatures dipping, our choice of footwear for the months ahead is going to be important.

Your sandals and canvas shoes are locked away until spring with protective and stylish footwear now key to get you through the coming months.

With more of us guys now working from home because of COVID-19 restrictions, smart men’s footwear may not be our first priority.

However, for those of you guys still making the daily slog to the office or calling in to see customers, good fashionable footwear is important.

A shoe says a lot about the wearer and having a shoe that looks and feels great is important to any well-dressed man.

Here at Men’s Fashion Ireland, we take a look at the old reliable Men’s loafer shoe which is a great choice of footwear for winter. We explain how to your loafer can get you through the winter months in style.

Choosing the right colour loafer for you

For most guys who already own a pair of loafers, black and brown are the normal choice of colour. Why? Their neutrality means these shades are a fit when pairing with most suits and men’s trousers.

Another good thing about dark blacks and browns is they manage to hide dirt very well. However, this is no excuse to not clean or polish your loafers regularly. Everyone admires clean looking shoes.

KURT GEIGER LONDON Wimbledon Loafers from Arnotts

KURT GEIGER LONDON Wimbledon Loafers from Arnotts

Other options like burgundy or light brown tans are a great choice. The only things to remember here is your styling options. These hues limit your choice of wardrobe matches so think carefully when choosing loafers to match with the rest of your wardrobe.

Finally, avoid suede loafers if you can during winter. They absorb moisture and don’t look great when wet. Nice leather loafers look good on any guy all year round.

Getting the fit right for your loafers is key

Although loafers are designed as a “slip on” shoe, the last thing you want is them slipping off at an opportune moment. Getting the right fit loafer will save you hassle down the line believe me.

Your loafer should fit you like a glove and radiate style and comfort all rolled into one. One trick with any show is to wear them around the home on a carpeted floor as not to scuff the soles.

This will allow you to break them gently before deciding to buy. Don’t forget that your foot expands during the day so never buy shoes before 12pm.

Wear your show around the home and if it feels comfy around the toe and back heel then they are good to go. Make sure you pick your size carefully.

Are sock and loafers a good fashion combination?

Some fashion critics will tell you loafers plus socks equals uncool. They may be right during summer months but what’s going to keep your feet protected from the elements during winter?

Socks are totally acceptable to be worn with loafers during colder months but it’s your choice of sock that really matters. With the design of the loafer being low-cut, your sock is going to be more visible.

Neutral tones with an interesting pattern are a great choice of sock for winter pairing with your loafers. Avoid anything loud and always ensure your quality men’s socks blend with the rest of your fashion assemble.

How to style your loafers during winter

One of the main focuses about winter fashion is layering. However, this does not mean that you match them up with any old piece of chunky fashion pieces to unbalance your fashion finish. Because the loafer design is slim, your choice of layering should be proportionate for the rest of your choice of clothing.

For work wear, pair your leather loafers with nice pants and shirt. Opt for a fitted type jacket. You want your appearance to be clean and polished.

Away from the office, opt for a more casual look. Loafers with detailing (a buckle or tassel) are interesting choices. However, balance is key. Get the fit, the shoe material and colour right and you are halfway there.

Then it’s up to you to get the colour coordination with the rest of your assemble right. Be inventive but stick to above the heel winter shades of browns, warm reds for a glowing finish.

Ways to choose and style men’s loafers this winter

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