Ugg make sustainability a priority with new Feel Good program Ireland

Ugg make sustainability a priority with new Feel Good program

Ugg make sustainability a priority with new Feel Good program

In Sustainable fashion news Ireland, international brand Ugg footwear, have unveiled their plans to become more environmentally sustainable.

The former Australian footwear specialist which is now a division of Deckers Brands (America) have announced their own long-term social and environmental sustainability commitments as part of their new ‘Feel Good’ platform which is committed to helping people and the planet.

This new initiative from Ugg consists of three pillars which are environment, community and innovation.

The company are hoping to highlight their own transparency and accountability with aggressive eco and sustainable goals through projects and worldwide partnerships.

Renowned for their famous sheepskin style boots, the American company are hoping that their “Feel Good” initiative will engage customers to get involved and follow their journey as they strive to more fashion sustainable in the coming years.

Dave Powers who is the current CEO and President for Deckers Brands explained in a media statement that we are living in critical times.

Powers believes that it is up to everyone to play their part in delivering the United Nations Global Compact Sustainable Development Goals.

Dave said “We (Ugg) believe in transformative change – change that is only possible with a focused and transparent approach.”

Ugg are looking forward to contributing in helping to protect the planet that will reduce the environmental impact of their manufacturing operations.

They will work through partnerships with the likes of not for profit organisation The Savory Institute which will they hope will conserve and reverse environmental degradation through regenerative farming practices.

Along with this Ugg is also is working with other experts in the field through partnerships which they hope will curtail their greenhouse gas emissions which will fall in line with the Paris Agreement.

The company also plans to put in place their own scientific based targets by the year 2021 which will be available for everyone to see and follow as they strive to become more eco-friendly and sustainable.


Ugg make sustainability a priority with new Feel Good program

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