The North Face Reset Normal Campaign Ireland

The North Face launch campaign to tackle inequity

The North Face launch campaign to tackle inequity

In Irish fashion news, The North Face have unveiled a new worldwide initiative called “Reset Normal” which they plan to tackle inequity in the outdoor industry and community

The American outdoor clothing specialists will also include the launch of “Explore Fund Council” which is worldwide fellowship which aims from the world of music, entertainment academics to discuss ideas come up with scalable solutions to solve inequity across the outdoor industry and communities.

The Explore Fund Council members include award winning actor and producer Lena Waithe, along with, The North Face Global athlete and Award-winning American director Jimmy Chin to spearhead the team.

Talking about the challenges ahead for the council, 36-year old Lena Waithe commented that it her belief that everyone can have and should have access to this right.

Waite said “The only real way to see change happen is by helping to create it yourself. I’m excited to work with The North Face and all of the Explore Fund Council members so our collective perspectives can help diversify the outdoors and make it a more equal place for all.”

Jimmy Chin added that his own life has been a source of constant positivity,” Jimmy said “I truly believe it is part of what makes us all human, and that exploration can bring people together and change lives. Not everyone has the same access to or opportunity for outdoor adventure.”

“This is an issue I’m excited to take on alongside The North Face and the other Explore Fund Council members.”

The North Face who already gives over €6 million euros to companies and groups who are focused on building equity in the outdoors.

They are confident that their Explore Fund Council and all of its members will all be named and in place by spring of next year 2021.

The North Face believe that ethnic communities where people of colour are dominant are 3 times more likely to live in habitats that are nature deprived.

This leads members of each community to experience higher levels of racism in the outdoors activities .

One of the first targets of the Explore Fund Council’s will be to develop more culturally relevant exploration opportunities and connect diverse communities to the benefits of exploration.

The North Face’s “Reset Normal campaign” launch with a film created by Canadian film company Sid Lee. It will feature a voiceover by Lena Waithe with music supplied by 41-year of American singer Aloe Blacc.


The North Face launch campaign to tackle inequity

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