Different ways to exfoliate your skin during winter Ireland

Different ways to exfoliate your skin during winter

Different ways to exfoliate your skin during winter

There is something about exfoliating your skin that feel refreshing – almost like you are seeing your complexion in its natural and fresh state.

But there is some confusion when it comes to exfoliation. Many think it’s some thing you do only if you suffer from dry skin. What happens if you have oily skin?

Aside from clearing away any dead skin cells, regularly exfoliating can increase your skin’s radiance and youthfulness. And that’s just the start. Here at Makeup & Beauty Tips Ireland, find out the benefits of exfoliating you may not have thought of.

Unclog Pores

Whenever you exfoliate your skin, you are effectively unclogging your pores. Sweeping away any dead skin cells can help to prevent whiteheads and blackheads from forming.

Dead skin seals your pores, so when your sebaceous glands produce oil, it gets stuck under dry skin. This causes your breakouts as this oil doesn’t have anywhere to go.

Prevents Acne

Unclogging your pores not only prevents blackheads and whiteheads, but also can stop other blemishes – namely acne. However, do not scrub your skin raw trying to reduce your acne. This will harm your skin and can lead to even more breakouts.

A physical exfoliant should be used once or twice a week. A gentle exfoliant can be used daily depending on the strength. But it’s important to listen to your skin. It will let you know if you are exfoliating too much. Mainly by looking red, irritated and itchy.

Avène Gentle Exfoliating Gel Ireland Ireland

Avène Gentle Exfoliating Gel

Helps Other Products Penetrate Skin

Having your pores unclogged and free from old skin cells will allow your skincare products to penetrate more effectively. And when using a product that is rich in nourishing ingredients, you want it to get deep into your skin.

Dead skin is basically a barrier between your skin and your serums. When you remove it, you allow everything to work much better.

Evens Skin Tone

People with dark sports, hyperpigmentation and acne scars know the frustration of having to treat these areas. Just when you manage to exfoliate and cleanse old scars from your face, new spots appear.

Exfoliants work by breaking down dead cells while at the same time, smoothing your skin’s overall texture. This will make your skin look more uniform over time.

Boost Circulation

There are many benefits to exfoliating your skin, including lymphatic drainage and the stimulation of oxygen-rich blood to nourish your skin’s surface.

The former is a sort of skin detoxification and works to remove toxins. The latter will boost cellular health to reveal glowing and radiant skin.


Different ways to exfoliate your skin this winter

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