Why the soft ladies clutch bag is back in fashion Ireland

Why the soft ladies clutch bag is back in fashion

Why the soft ladies clutch bag is back in fashion

Clutches come in many shapes and sizes and have been fashion staples for decades. These usually small bags can be worn not only in formal settings but also on days where things are a little more casual.

And none more so than the soft clutch bag. But this particular fashion item is a little controversial. Few people are convinced of its simplicity and practicality. And many people ask the question, ‘How do you hold that? Isn’t it uncomfortable?’

Sometimes. But carrying a clutch bag is preferable than that awful feeling of being weighed down by your heavy strap or tote bag. You are not constantly shifting your bag from one arm to the other to distribute the weight. Nor do you have the anxiety-induce nightmare of trying to find your keys, or lip balm.

And if you are worried about the best way to carry your clutch bag, don’t be not be. See our Ladies fashion Ireland fashion tips on how to choose and wear your bag in style.

Raquel Leather Clutch Bag from Guess Ireland

Raquel Leather Clutch Bag from Guess

Strap It On

If you have ever bought a clutch bag, you know that many of them come with a detachable strap. Either in leather or a chain. If you do not want to carry your clutch in your hands, you can simply sling it onto your shoulder.

If your bag came with a wristlet, strap it onto your wrist.

Get A Grip

If you haven’t already guessed by the name, clutches are meant to be held. And the trick is to hold it lightly but firmly in your hand. You can hold it from the bottom or put your hand over the top and your arm by your side.

Clutches can also be held in front of your body using both hands. This makes for quite a dainty look.

For oversized clutches – because everything is oversized now – you can carry them by your side to draw attention to your upper body. Or you can tuck it under your arm if you want to focus more on your lower half.

Do Not Match It

Try to avoid matching your clutch bag to the rest of your outfit. if you are wearing something that has a pattern, your bag may clash. If your shoes or dress has a bold print or intricate design, go with a clutch that is sleek or streamlined.

Like all accessories, a clutch is a great piece to own. And it should compliment your outfit, whether that’s a dress, skirt, top or trousers.


Why the soft ladies clutch bag is back in fashion

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