AdidasUltraBoost DNA Loop shoe

Adidas unveil their first fully recyclable shoe

Adidas unveil their first fully recyclable shoe

In Sustainable fashion news Ireland, Adidas have launched their first ever shoe that is constructed from all recyclable material.
The German sportswear giant is part of their ‘Made to be Remade’ project.

The shoe titled “UltraBoost DNA Loop” has been launched as part of Adidas’s new Creators Club Week, This amazing creation has been constructed without the use of glue and all made from a single material.

As a real piece of sustainable fashion, this high performance shoe can be handed back to the sportswear company after use and strips and used in the production of other trainers.

Vice President of brand strategy at Adidas, James Carnes commented that his company don’t see their new UltraBoost DNA Loop shoe as just a high performance trainer. He believes that the owner of the shoe can play their part in in becoming more sustainable after they have finished with their shoe and send it on for recycling.

James said “To make this a success we need to understand the human element, how people can be encouraged to return the shoes to be recycled, because while we control the creation, we can only influence what happens when the shoes leave us. We can’t get there alone.”

Adidas are inviting fifteen-hundred of their Creator Club Members to road test their new shoe They hope that through vital feedback and recommendations that it will help them refine their ‘Made to be Remade’ initiative with consumer input.

Adidas are keen to learn more about the consumer behaviours which they will include as part of their development in working towards a “circular” manufacturing plan.

The German sports company will call upon each of their Creator Club Members to take part in a 21-week programme , which will connect users via their app. Members within the communities will be asked to share their own feedback which will play a major part in the development of Adidas’s next shoe.

Their user experience will be collated and used in the next series of the ‘Made to be Remade’ franchise for 2021.

Adidas unveil their first fully recyclable shoe

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