Men’s athleisurewear Ireland

Fashionable ways to style men’s athleisurewear

Fashionable ways to style men’s athleisurewear

For the modern men of today, comfort is equally as important as being fashionable. While most guys want to look great, they also want their clothes to be comfortable, hence the introduction of athleisurewear.

Since the COVID-19 lockdown, more and more men have learned to embrace the athleisurewear look, simply for comfort. With more people now working from home, men still want to look stylish but at the same time relax in clothes that are comfortable.

Top fashion labels have copped onto the fact that guys are now looking for greater options in fashionable athleisurewear to meet their demand for more sophisticated clothing.

Here at Men’s Fashion Ireland, we take a look at this multi-billion-dollar industry sector and prompt you with ideas on how to embrace the athleisurewear look.

What is Athleisurewear?

For lots of guys, they are aware of the phrase “athleisure” but for some do they know what it means? It’s more sophisticated than simply throwing on your sweats and top outside of the gym to look good.

Athleisurewear dressing is a combination of fusing ready wear fashion with your sportswear. It’s an ideal partnership of dressing that allows men on the go to look stylish in comfort.

In reality it’s a fusion of high-performance fabrics with athletic detailing and sportswear fastenings combined with your weekend fashion pieces like jeans, shirts, and t-shirts.

Men's Crew Neck Cotton Jersey Sweater from Lacoste Ireland

Men’s Crew Neck Cotton Jersey Sweater from Lacoste

When Athleisurewear is acceptable

In recent years (especially 2020) athleisurewear has grown in popularity and is an accepted type of dress for lots of smart casual occasions. It’s perfect for weekend styling or around the home.

Even low keys dates with the lads is a great opportunity to show of your athleisure styling skills. The only key things to remember when compiling your athleisure combinations are

  • Ensure your clothing is clean and neat
  • Your choice of clothing is somewhat fitted (not tight)
  • You select your colour tones to give some balance to your overall look.

Remember, athleisurewear is only designed as smart casual attire. It’s not something you would wear to the office or an important occasion that requires a more formal dress code.

The key pieces of Athleisurewear

Most of us know that trainer or men’s sneakers are an instant recognisable piece of anything to do with Athleisurewear, right? Well it goes further than that. It’s about introducing other items of your wardrobe like polo shirts, jumpers and casual trousers like chinos or jeans to your line-up.

As far as detailing goes, there are bold and understated ways to achieve that great Athleisurewear look. The devil is in the detail and small things like performance fabrics and sporting trims are key to achieving that great Athleisure finish.

Clever use of casual trousers

Your choice of casual trousers can ether make or break your great Athleisure look. Chinos and jeans offer that great streetwear look. They can pair easily with men’s trainers and performance tops for that Athleisurewear vibe. Colour coordination gives balance to your overall look. Keep your choice of tones simple.

Introduce a bomber jacket

The bomber jacket is one great way to give your outfit that real athleisure feel. Experiment with different types of fabrics and shades but maintain balance. Make sure it blends with your choice of upper wear and choice of trousers.

Fuse with a quality crew neck sweater

The crew neck sweater has a long traditional of being affiliated with that casual sporting look. The trick here is to ensure your choice of crew neck has that fitted finish.

They are a practical piece of clothing that fuses easily with jeans, men’s chinos or even joggers. Raise the stakes to your look by adding a sports-inspired backpack or cap

The reliable polo shirt

Since it’s introduction back in the early 1930’s the polo shirt has been a game changer in fashionable men’s sportswear. It a great choice when adding to your Athleisurewear line-up.

Whether partnered with jeans or chinos or fitted joggers, the polo shirt won’t let you down. Opt for pastel or neutral shades. They blend perfectly with most bottoms and your bomber jacket of course.

Finally, some tips on how to wear Athleisurewear
  • Blend your sports pieces with components from your normal weekend wardrobe
  • Switch out your blazer to that of a cool bomber jacket which your look that real athleisure vibe
    Your trainers are your best friend
  • Switch out your suit pants and jeans for something a little more sporty like chinos, combat trousers or fitted joggers
  • Add some accessories like a baseball cap or duffle bag to give your look that real athleisure finish.


Fashionable ways to style men’s athleisurewear

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