Levi’s unveil new Levi’s Second-hand online store

Levi’s unveil new Levi’s Second-hand online store

In Irish fashion news, American clothing company Levi’s have launched a new e-commerce website that allows you to buy second-hand denim.

Their new platform called offers customers the chance to purchase previously worn Levi’s jeans and denim jackets.

This clever sustainable fashion initiative from the world-famous denim brand allows people to buy preloved denim garments from Levi’s customers.

People can hand over their old denim Levi clothing regardless of its state and be rewarded with a gift card to use to buy other items on the site.

Seen as the first of its kind in the denim sustainable marketplace, the US global fashion giant’s “buy-back” programme ensures the longevity of denim pieces that can be enjoyed by others.

This circular fashion initiative allows Levi customers to actively do their bit for eco-fashion which will lower the environmental impact of denim production by buying second hand.

According to Levi’s, If everybody bought one used item this year, instead of buying new, it would save 449 million pounds of waste annually.

This new programme by Levi’s is just part of the growing demand from consumers globally now looking for second-hand clothing.

In a statement released by Jen Sey who is the Senior Vice President & Chief Marketing Officer at Levi’s, she pointed out that that around 60% of Generation Z consumers already buy second-hand clothing.

Jen continued “They love the hunt, they love finding a really unique item, and it makes it even better that it’s a sustainable choice,” she says. “Buying a used pair of Levi’s saves approximately 80% of the CO2 emissions, and 1.5 pounds of waste, compared to buying a new pair. As we scale this, that will really start adding up.”

One thing to remember is roughly €400 billion euro of value each year is wasted by discarding clothes that could be worn by someone else.

Levi’s was founded back in 1853 by German immigrant Levi Strauss. Today, they are recognised globally as being the best denim clothing brand in the world.


Levi’s unveil new Levi’s Second-hand online store

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