Stella McCartney Spring Summer Collection 2021

Stella McCartney spells out her A-Z sustainable fashion plan

Stella McCartney spells out her A-Z sustainable fashion plan

In Sustainable fashion news, Ireland, designer, Stella McCartney has unveiled her company’s manifesto which she says will shape the future of her fashion label.

The UK fashion designer put pen to paper to unveil her road map for her Stella McCartney label ahead of her SS21 show.

The London born designer who is renowned for her environmental approach to sustainable fashion told Vogue magazine that during the recent COVID-19 lockdown, she decided to put together a list of words that define her love and beliefs about fashion.

She calls this her A to Z of Stella McCartney which is now an alphabetic guideline which will hold her company accountable for their values. Stella stressed that she wants this to define the way she creates sustainable fashion that be cherished forever.

Stella’s new A to Z manifesto spells out her company’s new guidelines and principles which also explains how her fashion label is striving to become more environmentally friendly whilst using zero waste and incorporating more upcycled material in her products.

McCartney went on to explain how each letter in her manifesto was inspired by good friends of her late mother Linda McCartney, Jeff Koons and William Eggleston.

The 49-year old Londoner explained that “A stands for Accountable; C represents Conscious, O is for Organic with V standing for Vegan.

Staying true to her beliefs, Stella included Econyl which is manufactured using recycled bottles in pieces from her Spring Summer 2021 collection.

Stella told Vogue: “All of the collection is made using 100% organic denim and jersey. With regard to content and sourcing, we’re pushing ourselves to do better this season. But OK, yes: it’s summer, so let’s start with Stellawear pieces — they’re swimwear and shapewear all in one. It’s about being able to go into the water and dry off super quickly, and just carry on with your day, wearing it as a body.

Stella McCartney launched her own fashion label back in 2001, under her name, in a joint venture with Italian fashion group, Gucci. Since then she has gone to build a world reputation for creating some of the best and fashionable sustainable clothing lines in the industry.


Stella McCartney spells out her A-Z sustainable fashion plan

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