How to build a scarf into your teenage fashion autumn look Ireland

How to build a scarf into your teenage fashion autumn look

How to build a scarf into your teenage fashion autumn look

During the colder months, an extra layer of warm makes all the difference to how we feel. Not only can a scarf save your neck, but it can look stylish and work with your outfit.

However, before you throw your money at just any old scarf, take a look at your existing wardrobe first. If it consists of neutral shades, you can brighten things up a bit by adding in some colourful scarves. Alternatively, if you are someone who loves to rock colourful clothing, a neutral scarf can help to tone down your look.

Here at Teenage fashion Ireland, see our fashion tips on how to incorporate a stylish scarf into your autumn wardrobe.


Fringe is great for adding that extra touch to your outfit. They are a popular style that work well with both men and women. It all comes down to what material you want to wear and your colour preference. Then, you are all set for purchasing your fringe scarf.

Brushed Fringe Scarf from Boohoo.Ireland

Brushed Fringe Scarf from Boohoo


We have yet to meet someone who does not love an oversized scarf. They are fashionable and pair well with different types of clothing. So, they will always match with other pieces in your wardrobe.

And the best thing about them? You can wear them as a shawl or blanket when not wearing them in the traditional way. This way, you keep extra warm on those cold autumn/winter nights.


Not only will a woven scarf keep you warm, but it can also double as a stylish pullover that can elevate a basic outfit. You can wear it as a scarf while outside to keep away the cold. Or you can throw it over you inside for a comfortable and cosy style.


The most important scarf you will own is the one that you wear all the time. it will keep you warm and cosy no matter the occasion. Be it from your grueling morning commute or a simple walk in the park, a scarf can warm your soul while looking stylish at the same time.

Make sure you get 2 or 3 in different shades, so they match other items in your wardrobe. To ensure your scarves look great all the time, stick to neutral shades. This way, they will always look trendy.

How to build a scarf into your teenage fashion autumn look

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