Why a jumper dress is your new wardrobe hero this winter Ireland

Why a jumper dress is your new wardrobe hero this winter

Why a jumper dress is your new wardrobe hero this winter

Once temperatures drop and the cold weather sets in, it’s time to swap your light summer dresses for something warmer.

And this is where your jumper dress comes in. Past designs have been shapeless, so we don’t blame you if you are feeling skeptical. But hear us out. Today, the jumper dress is classy and looks a lot more glam. So, how exactly do you wear this wardrobe hero?

Here at Ladies fashion Ireland see our go-to guide.for dressing your jumper dress this season.

Add A Belt

If you are worried about losing your figure with your jumper dress, fasten a belt around your waist to accentuate it. This trick is particularly useful when wearing longer style of dresses. And it can also be a great way to add some drama to a simple style.

If you want to add some colour to your look, tie a printed scarf around your waist instead of a belt.

Layer It

The key to keeping warm during cold weather is layering your clothes. Sometimes, wearing your jumper dress on its own won’t be enough. So, it may be worth investing in a few long sleeve tops to wear underneath.

Or, for a modern take on the trend, wear a shorter jumper dress over a ruffle hemmed skirt so that it is just peeking out at the bottom.

And if it is too cold to wear your jumper dress over tights, you can simply wear it over jeans or trousers instead. If you opt for jeans, just remember to keep the waistband low. So, no high-rise styles. They tend to add unnecessary bulk to your outfit.

Black Ribbed Knitted Dress from Simplybe.ie Ireland

Black Ribbed Knitted Dress from Simplybe.ie


One of the easiest ways to smarten up any look is with a pair of boots. And, because it’s nice to also protect your ankles from the cold weather like the rest of your body, you can leave your flats at home. Everyone needs at least one pair of boots during winter. They are ideal for wearing with your jeans as well as your jumper dresses.

Knee-high styles and over-the-knee boots work well with jumper dresses. But it’s best to think of the length of your dress first. Over-the-knee boots will only work with shorter styles. While ankle boots work better with midi dresses or full-length styles. And if you are looking for a good all-rounder, go with knee-high boots.

Drape Your Coat

Given that it is getting colder outside, you will probably be taking a coat everywhere you go. And, to avoid looking bulky, one of the best style tips is to drape your jacket over your shoulders.

This will stop your dress sleeves from rumpling up inside your coat sleeves. And it will keep your entire look on the chic – not frumpy – side.

Be Bold

Although the weather may be grey, it doesn’t mean your outside needs to be. Have some fun by wearing bold colours and patterns. It’s easy to stick to dull colours when the weather is cold and dreary. But we should try not to. And luckily designers agree. There are plenty of jumper dresses that come in vibrant colours and bold patterns.

And if prints are not your thing, why not go with embellishments? It’s another way to add some sparkle into your look.

Why a jumper dress is your new wardrobe hero this winter

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