How white eyeliner can make your look come alive Ireland

How white eyeliner can make your look come alive

How white eyeliner can make your look come alive

If you wear eyeliner every day, chances are you will probably reach for your typical brown or black formula.

But consider stepping away from your beloved shades and reach for something different: white. You’ve probably heard that dark colour will shrink spaces while white expand them. the same advice can be applied to your makeup. If you are looking to freshen up your eyes and appear more awake, here at Makeup & Beauty Tips Ireland, we will show you how.

All Over Your Lids

You can easily create a creamy eyeshadow look using just white eyeliner. Simply cover your entire lid with your product and wait for it to dry. Alternatively, you can create a thick wingless line across your top lashes. This will create the illusion that you have covered your entire lid when you open your eyes.

Waterline Wing

Want to know a genius move when it comes to eyeliner? Applying a bold swipe on your lower lash line. Many people only apply their liner on their top lid. However, winging out under your lash line allows you to be creative with your makeup.

NYX Profesional Makeup White Eyeliner Ireland

NYX Profesional Makeup White Eyeliner

The key to pulling off this look is to be bold. You want the white liner to stand out so it’s best to skip mascara. If you are worried about your liner looking patchy, apply a thin layer and build it up. Just remember to wait for it to dry before going in with another layer.

Above The Crease

Some of the best eyeliner applications involve a placement away from your lashes – top or bottom. If you are craving a more dimensional feel from your liner, play around with different shapes and lines.

A subtle white line above your crease shows you are thinking outside the box and still look classy. Carefully draw the line above your crease using one motion and ensuring the liner remains thin.

Small Flicks

Do not listen to people who says that your liner needs to be linear. If you have a deep skin tone, make it pop with your white liner. Apply a tiny flick at your tear duck, outer eye and dead centre of your bottom lid. This is a unique take on the classic liner you are probably used to.


How white eyeliner can make your look come alive

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