Green Carpet Fashion Awards 2020 to honour Zendaya Ireland

Green Carpet Fashion Awards 2020 to honour Zendaya

Green Carpet Fashion Awards 2020 to honour Zendaya

In Irish fashion news, American singer, Zendaya is to receive a visionary Award at this year’s Green Carpet Fashion Awards 2020.

The 24-year old Californian actress will receive her award at this year’s event being broadcast this Saturday 10th October 2020.

Since the real impact of COVID-19 back in March, life has changed for almost every live gig that have either had to be deferred, cancelled or streamed on-line.

In recent weeks, most of all the major fashion weeks from around the world include London Fashion Week, New York Fashion Week and Paris Fashion Week all forced on -line to stream their events.

The Green Carpet Fashion Awards is commonly the climax of Milan Fashion Week which normally takes place every September.

However, this year like so many other fashion shows will be broadcast digitally this weekend. According to this year’s event organisers, most of the evenings guests will appear in hologram imagery.

This year’s show will incorporate augmented reality, digital effects and will be directed by Grammy nominated director Giorgio Testi and produced by Pulse Films,

This year’s awards will call for change in all areas of how the fashion world operates. It will focus on things like material innovations which they hope will improve wholesale models that reduce waste.

Italian film producer Livia Firth, who founded Eco-Age, which works in partnership with the Camera Nazionale della Moda Italiana on the Green Carpet Fashion Wards said this year’s show will be transformed into a magical portal into a new era.

Firth hopes it will encourage viewers to step into the future where fashion is more equitable, sustainable, and human and leave our old habits behind.

The Green Carpet Fashion Awards 2020 will also be encouraging celebrities and prominent figures from the world of fashion to get involved. They will be asked to discuss various topics and share their own opinions to a digital green carpet audience that will be streamed on-line.

A host of celebrities are expected to take part in this year’s events including Somali fashion model, Iman, as well as American actors Julianne Moore and Robert Downey Jr.

This sustainable fashion green carpet bonanza can be viewed online with full details of the event here.


Green Carpet Fashion Awards 2020 to honour Zendaya

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