New sustainable fashion upcycled collection from Monki Ireland

New sustainable fashion upcycled collection from Monki

New sustainable fashion upcycled collection from Monki

In Sustainable fashion news Ireland, sustainable fashion brand have just unveiled their new upcycled collection which is made from scraps of organic cotton denim clothing and recycled zippers and threads.

Monki who are a subsidiary of Swedish fashion house, H&M focus on sustainable clothing produced in ethical and environmental ways that are good for the planet.

Their new capsule includes 3 main items which consist of a pair of Yoko jeans, a tie-waist jacket plus a fashionable tote bag. Each item is constructed using a blend of mixed organic denim in a patchwork design.

The manufacturing and design process is compacted in the following easy steps which first include gathering the remains of old organic cotton denim used in other clothing which is hand sorted.

The next step is to put together the new patterns that are cut from the leftover garments. These items are then sewn together which creates the upcycled clothing pieces which are then rinsed washed without the use of any dangerous dye for that true organic look.

Global Sustainability Manager for Monki, Jenny Fagerlin commented that the people at Monki love fashion as well as our planet. Here at Monki we have transform ourselves and the industry to operate within the planetary boundaries.

Monki see their new capsule as one small step towards their company becoming more circular with their fashion garments.

Established back in 2006, Monki are recognised globally for their own commitment and dedication to including quality materials in all of their products. Their aim is to combine recycled clothing with sustainably sourced material by the year 2030.

This combines their denim range constructed using certified 100% organic cotton, swimwear made using recycled polyester and polyamide. Since 2018, Monki only use 100% sustainably sourced cotton in their products.


New sustainable fashion upcycled collection from Monki

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