How to stay warm and stylish in your dress this winter

How to stay warm and stylish in your dress this winter

How to stay warm and stylish in your dress this winter

With the days now getting shorter and the temperatures cooler for most it’s time to think about keeping warm when assembling our daily fashion attire.

Most of us have safely tucked our summer wear of light breezy dresses away in the closet for until next spring. Now it’s all about looking stylish and staying warm. Yes, insulating our bodies against the cold is going to be key now until next March.

There are many ways we can insulate our bodies against the elements, and you don’t have to sacrifice on fashion to do so. It’s still possible to wear that great looking dress as long as your tones match the environment around you for this season.

Here at Ladies Fashion Ireland, we have come up with simple ways to look great while styling warm in your new or favourite dress this winter.

Our fashion tips will ensure you stay cosy while still looking fab for those causal work-day or evening looks.

Internal Layering

Extra layering is one way of ensuring you stay warm during the months ahead. The simple use of a thermal vest under your dress can keep you cosy without sacrificing on your looks.

OK, they are not the sexist of items to wear under your dress but it’s all about being practical. A quality thermal vest and knickers can keep you snug whatever the weather throws at you.

One tip is to make sure they aren’t too tight around the shoulders and thighs. Blacks and whites are a great choice and can easily blend with tones worn on top of them. People won’t even know you are wearing them (it’s your secret)

Introduce a nice warm sweater

It’s winter ladies so you don’t have to worry too much about exposing your summer tans. A quality fitted sweater can fuse effortlessly with most dresses during the winter months.

If you opt for a floral dress pattern, then a neutral shade for your ladies sweater is a must. This ensures it won’t clash with your dress design. Nice fleeces are on trend this winter and tones of tan, cream and white are a fab choice.

Another great look is a polo sweater finish. This provides cover to the neck while adding a sophisticated finish to any super dress statement.

Belted Coat from

Belted Coat from

Incorporate tights

For some women, tights are a great insulator of the legs. For others it to cover any bare white fleshy legs. The good thing about ladies tights is the super range of colours and styles.

Flesh full length tights go with any dress outfit. Here you don’t have to worry about the colour of your dress. However, its ever any harm to introduce various shades into your tights line-up this winter.

One of the key things to remember is if your dress includes patterns or colourful flecks, opt for neutral shades. They look better when paired.

Knee hight boots

The knee hight boot look never looks dated when it comes to winter wear. The allow for the wearing of tights so no one will ever know. Knee height boots pair especially great with midi dresses.

Tones of black, brown or beige are always safe colours to fuse with a wide range of dresses.

Add an oversized coat

Never underestimate to power that nice oversized coat can add to your winter dress look. As well as preserving ample body heat, they also keep you protected for the outdoor elements.

Opt for a classic brown or black coat which pair well with tonal shades of the same colour. Another great look is fusing bright colours and mix your shades of dress.


How to stay warm and stylish in your dress this winter

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