How to layer your winter clothes correctly Ireland

How to layer your winter clothes correctly

How to layer your winter clothes correctly

While we may not like to think about it, winter will soon be here. And that means wearing extra layers to keep out the winter chill.

But figuring out how to stay cosy without compromising on style can be hard. If you are struggling to find ways to keep warm without looking bulky, here at Teenage Fashion Ireland we will help you out.

Mix Up Your Textures

A good rule of thumb to remember to avoid looking bulky is to play around with textures and fabrics. By doing this, you can add dimension and interest to your look while giving your outfit extra style points. It also ensures you do not wear too many layers at once.

Try layering a jersey style top with a chunky knit cardigan. This way, you stay warm while also looking chic and trendy.

Black faux Fur Panelled Cotton Parka from River Island

Black faux Fur Panelled Cotton Parka from River Island

Embrace Bodysuits & Tights

If you have ever gone skiing or spent any time in the snow, chances are your parents made you wear long underwear to keep warm. Well, bodysuits and tights are just the more fashionable and subtle version.

Wearing tights and bodysuits under jeans or jumpers can be a sneaky way to add an extra layer without adding extra bulk.

 Layer Your Neutral Shades

When you are in doubt of what to wear, neutral shades are always a good choice. Wearing creams, beiges, blacks or grey pieces together will always look chic and on trend.

When it comes to layering, neutral colours are ideal for avoiding clashing prints or colours. And while prints look great, they can make you look bulky because they will draw attention to each layer.

Use Accessories

Cosy hats, mittens and scarves can warm up your look while adding to the style factor. A colourful scarf can help to incorporate your personality into your outfit while keeping the winter chill at bay.

Be Bold

Just because it’s winter, that doesn’t mean you cannot play around with colour. Bright and bold winter pieces like puffer jackets are on trend right now. Not only can adding colour to your look give off a retro vibe, it can brighten up a dreary and dark winter outfit.

How to layer your winter clothes correctly

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