The best men's gloves to go with your winter wardrobe 2020 Ireland

The best men’s gloves to go with your winter wardrobe 2020

The best men’s gloves to go with your winter wardrobe 2020

The weather outside is frightful. Or it’s beginning to head that way. Which means that winter is on its way. So, it may be worth looking into getting a pair of gloves to keep your hands warm.

Keep on reading as here at Men’s Fashion Ireland we show you the best gloves that will go with your winter wardrobe.

Driving Gloves

Unless you are driving a classic car, power steering means you don’t need to wear driving gloves for extra grip.

And with that in mind, there are two principles to remember when buying a pair. Firstly, avoid fingerless. And secondly, if you buy a classic pair with cut-out knuckles, keep them in your car and only wear them while driving.


No longer for six-year olds, mittens are all grown up and are on-trend with most streetwear brands. Go for a technical fabric like fleece or a knitted pair. Just avoid wearing them with a suit. Otherwise you will look like a man child whose mum dressed him for his first day at the office.

Barbour Men's Gloves from

Barbour Men’s Gloves from

Technical Gloves

If you are looking for gloves that look athletic, you can sport a pair of technical gloves without hitting the slopes. Usually made with weather-resistant materials, make sure you stick with dark colours. This will help them from looking like they should be part of a wacky, ski-season look.

Knitted Gloves

When it comes to knitted gloves, there is just one main thing you should consider. And that is fabric composition. Gloves are a small item so there’s not much difference in price with man-made and natural fabrics. However, there is in terms of function and sustainability.

Wool is both warm and breathable as well as being sustainable and biodegradable. So you don’t have to feel guilty if you lose one while out for a walk in the woods. Acrylic – wool’s competitor – will keep your hands warm but may make them sweat.

Leather Gloves

Leather gloves are the smartest out of all the others on this list. And, while they can be expensive, they are worth the investment. Just remember to not leave them in the back of a taxi. On the other hand, suede may not be an ideal choice when it comes to making snowballs. However, it is as warm as leather and has the added benefit of being on the casual side of smart-casual.


The best men’s gloves to go with your winter wardrobe 2020

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