Stylish ways to wear distressed teenage fashion Ireland

Stylish ways to wear distressed teenage fashion

Stylish ways to wear distressed teenage fashion

Distressed clothing is not a new trend. For decade, fashion rebels have been intentionally damaging their clothes simply to make an anti-fashion statement.

And although wearing distressed clothes have become much more mainstream, there is one question that remains. How do you wear distressed clothing without looking like a sloppy mess?

Fortunately, here at Teenage Fashion Ireland we have the answer.

Distressed Jeans

What wardrobe would be complete without jeans? A great aspect of wearing distressed jeans is that there is a sense of freedom to them. There is no right or wrong way to wear them. it’s all about rocking ones that go with your sense of style.

You can go grunge with a graphic tee, plaid shirt and boots or Converse. Or if you want something that is a little bit more feminine, simply change out your shoes. A pair of black heeled boots will turn your daytime outfit into the perfect evening look.

River Island Amelie skinny jeans in dark wash blue Ireland

River Island Amelie skinny jeans in dark wash blue

Distressed Dresses

Please, do not shy away from distressed dresses. They can look just as stylish as their non-distressed counterpart. From dramatic rips throughout the dress to some subtle holes here and there, this dress has ‘anti-fashion’ written all over it.

Because a distressed dress is such a style statement on its own, just wear one or two pieces of punk or steampunk jewellery with it. unless you want to be a ‘more is more’ kind of person, adding a lot of extras can be distracting. And not needed as this dress does all the talking.

Distressed Leggings

I think we can agree that we have practically lived in our leggings during quarantine. But they do not have to be boring! To make an extra style statement, it’s all about adding in some special touches.

For a soft punk appeal, you can wear a white graphic tee with a black leather jacket. And this also works well with a pair of creepers or black heels. For something a little more bohemian, you can wear a backless dress with your leggings. Although, that look is probably more appropriate for the warmer weather.

Distressed Top

Whether it’s your favourite band t-shirt with rips down the side or a jumper that is totally shredded, a distressed top can look chic and stylish. You can go completely gothic with a pair of black, spiked trainers or platform boots. And a messenger bag adds some grunge in a practical way.

As with a lot of fashion trends, there is no right or wrong way to wear distressed denim. There are merely fashion suggestions. Don’t be afraid to play around with tops, jeans or even dresses until you find something that works for you.


Stylish ways to wear distressed teenage fashion

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