Haus Laboratories extending Lady Gaga beauty collection Ireland

Haus Laboratories extending Lady Gaga beauty collection

Haus Laboratories extending Lady Gaga beauty collection

In Irish Fashion News, American musician Lady Gaga has revealed she is extending her beauty collection with Haus Laboratories.

The 34- year old entertainer will add a new bronzer and blush to her already successful beauty range.

Haus Laboratories which is a vegan and cruelty-free cosmetics brand that Gaga launched in Autumn last year in 2019, already sells an extensive range of make-up and beauty products across the globe.

Fans of Lady Gaga can now expect new drops for the New York born star with her taking to social media to tease out 2 new make-up additions titled “Head Rush” and “Heat Spell”, which will both be available to pre-order from this coming Tuesday 6th October.

In a media statement released by the singer, she commented that she has always in the power of make-up to lift self-love. Gaga believes that her new blush and bronzer are aimed at celebrating the heat of passion.

Lady Gaga said “We formulated them to be a silky powder, that leaves a clean buildable finish with rich, flirtatious hues and beaming highlighters. I’ve named them Heat Spell and Head Rush to indicate the ecstasy of celebrating you.”

The collection features 5 shades of bronzer and 7 blushes that are designed to cater for a wide range of skin tones.

Sarah Tanno-Stewart who is Haus Laboratories Global Artistry Director commented that Haus Laboratories have been working hard to come up with smooth velvety textures for the new items.

“We worked so hard on the formula, which has a very cushiony, velvety texture. She said “You can get the lightest wash of colour if you want, or you can go full-on pigment and build it up. It will always look super soft on your skin — it’s not like you can really see the line of demarcation where the bronzer stops and the blush.”

Fans of Haus Laboratories by Lady Gaga can check out their full range by visiting:

Haus Laboratories extending Lady Gaga beauty collection

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