Beauty tips on how to prevent stress wrinkles Ireland

Beauty tips on how to prevent stress wrinkles

Beauty tips on how to prevent stress wrinkles

Wrinkles are inevitable. No matter how many ‘anti-ageing’ products you use, you will not keep your skin smooth forever.

But what happens when wrinkles are a result of stress? Stress, like wrinkles, is mostly unavoidable. But there are some things you can do to help.

Keep reading to find out all you need to know about stress and wrinkles and how to prevent both.

What Are Stress Wrinkles?

Stress wrinkles are pretty self-explanatory. When we get stressed, we do not get adequate sleep, we don’t exercise or our diet more than likely suffers. All of these factors can negatively impact, not just our health, but our skin.

Your face is typically where you will see stress wrinkles first. And they are more than likely going to pop up in your forehead or between your brows. They’re also known as ‘worry-lines’.

Why Do You Get Them?

Stress can come from work, your relationships, finances or even your physical environment. But if you want to know the science behind it, just remember one word: telomeres. These are the caps at the end of your DNA that protect your chromosomes. Think of it like the plastic at the tip of your shoe lace.

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When the telomeres shorten to a certain point, they can no longer replicate and this can lead to signs of ageing.

How To Prevent Them

Create A Routine: The easiest way to avoid stress wrinkles is to create a stress-relief routine. You can do this by meditating or exercising more. or start journaling.

Stay Hydrated: When we are stressed, it’s easy to forget to keep ourselves hydrated. Make sure to moisturise your skin both internally and externally by drinking lots of water.

Make Lifestyle Changes: It’s important to live a life that is well-balanced. This could mean eating a varied diet, limiting alcohol intake, and avoiding smoking.

Get Some Sleep: This may seem like a given but some people underestimated how beneficial sleep is to our bodies and minds. Aim to get the recommended 8 hours every night as it is during sleep that your skin will repair itself.

Wear SPF: We cannot stress the importance of wearing sunscreen when it comes to skin health. Use some sort of SPF daily, especially on areas more exposed to the sun, like your face and hands. And yes, you do have to wear your sunscreen during winter.


Beauty tips on how to prevent stress wrinkles

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