How to wear ladies heels safely this winter Ireland

How to wear ladies heels safely this winter

How to wear ladies heels safely this winter

All ladies love their shoes. Whether it’s those flats for that casual day look, to a more type of formal dress, shoes makes the woman. When it comes to heels, they are an important staple in any women’s wardrobe.

However, unlike sneakers or flat shoes, heels can prevent problems of their raised ankle finish that it only supported by a pin leg.

Thankfully, here in Ireland our seasons are not as harsh as in countries who experience bitter cold and icy weather. For us women it’s more about avoiding the wet and the rain while keeping our tootsies dry.

Here at Ladies Fashion Ireland we have put together some safety tips to help you stay safe in your heels this winter. Wearing heels should always be an enjoyable feeling but a safe one.

Safety first with the right size shoe

This is probably one of the easiest but most practical thing all women should think of when choosing any pair of shoes. The fit should always the right one as anything that is too small or tight around the toes or heel won’t offer any proper comfort or support.

You should always wear your heels around the home (break them in) so your feet get used to them. With more of us buying on line, ensure not to wear your shoes on hard floor surfaces as it may scuff the sole of the shoe. In that case, shops won’t be able to offer you a refund.

The do’s of wearing heels in safety

Given its winter, why not opt for a pair of heels with a wedge or block heel finish. This provides more stability to the heel and foot when walking on slippery surfaces.

If you are opting for heels that are suitable for all year round wear, go waterproof. Shoes that protect your feet from the elements like rain and show are always a good investment. Avoid suede as a winter choice as it absorbs moisture, making your shoe wet and heavy.

Choose a sole with a good sole. After-all this is the final surface to protect you under the foot and provide ample traction. If you are struggling to find suitable heeled shoes then a stylish ladies heeled boot is another option.

GABOR Nesta II Courts from

GABOR Nesta II Courts from

When walking on slippery surfaces, always distribute the weight of your foot evenly. By putting more weight on your toe or heel when walking will only increase your chances of slipping.

Heels with ankle straps are also another great option. These can equalise the distribution of weight n your feet as well prevent your shoe from slipping off.

When the weather dips below freezing, your heels can become like a fridge. When choosing heels, ensure there is a little extra space for wearing with tights. There is nothing worse than bare feet in freezing weather.

The don’ts of wearing heels in safety

Safety first girls and regardless of your choice of footwear, running on any slippery surface can cause you to slip and do damage to your body. Always tread carefully as you will get where you are going safely.

Never opt for a heel that is any higher that 2 inches in cold slippery weather. While they might look fab, you are putting your safety at risk. There are lots of stylish 2 inch heels available on-line and at most reputable shoe stores.

Avoid any open toe design. This goes without saying really and it’s common sense. The last thing you want is water seeping into your shoe. This can cause blistering as well as soreness to your toes and under foot.

If you are hell bent on wearing heels this winter, especially in slippery weather, always have a comfy pair of flats on hand. You can slip into these when driving or when you can relieve yourself of the heels at the end of the day.


How to wear ladies heels safely this winter

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