Latest Ladies fashion trends for autumn-winter 2020 Ireland

Latest Ladies fashion trends for autumn-winter 2020

Latest Ladies fashion trends for autumn-winter 2020

As the year carries on, so do key fashion trends. From designer showrooms to street style fashion, there are plenty of fresh and vibrant looks to keep us going.

Here at Ladies Fashion Ireland, be prepared to see some of the following key trends this upcoming season.

Bright Pop Colour Suits

Make a statement this autumn and winter with a bright colourful suit. Whether you wear it to the office or out for drinks, it’s sure to turn heads and grab people’s attention.

Rather than wear a traditional suit, go for a colour that is out there like red or blue. Find a shade that works with your skin tone and wear it with confidence. You can even wear bold accessories like a clutch bag or funky heels. This trend is for everyone who is not afraid of a little risk when it comes to fashion.

Brown Leather Jacket

You can let the cold weather rain down on you while you rock your brown leather jacket. It’s a classic as well as it’s black counterpart and remains on trend for this season.

You can style it with a pair of slim fitting trousers or even a mini skirt. you can even tie the waist in and make it a dress.

Blue double button cigarette trousers & Jacket from River Island

Blue double button cigarette trousers & Jacket from River Island

Natural Tones

Natural tones have become one of the biggest trends of this year and they are not going away anytime soon. And they are a great way of creating a simple and monochrome outfit. choose from a sandy-coloured suit or a turtleneck with a leather skirt.

Don’t be afraid to mix different tones and shades with this trend. You can try camel, sand or even buff. The possibilities are endless.

Wide Leg Trousers Tucked Into Boots

Mixing and matching different styles is always a great way to get out of your comfort zone. And that is what this trend does. Tuck your straight or wide legged trousers into your boots for a funky twist on a classic outfit. it can also add a subtle pink twist on your look.

Whether you prefer wearing classic boots or something more combat, this trend can really show off your personality and allow you to have fun.

Blue With Neutral Tones

It is one of the most prominent colour combinations this season. Neutral tones paired with blue is a popular choice. It combines some of the hottest colours of the last couple of months and puts a unique spin on it.

You can wear a sleek brown suit with a bright blue bag for a chic look. Or rock a monochrome blue ensemble and add a pair of neutral leather pumps. Blue paired with neutral colours is an incredibly versatile pairing that can be worn hundreds of ways.


Latest Ladies fashion trends for autumn-winter 2020

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