Beauty tips for men how to identify different fragrances Ireland

Beauty tips for men how to identify different fragrances

Beauty tips for men how to identify different fragrances 

Buying the best cologne for you should not be complicated. However, for a lot of men, it can be challenging.

This is because some men do not know which brand to buy or type of fragrance to use. And we can’t blame them. There is a lot of brands and smells out there.

Luckily, here at Men’s Fashion Ireland, our simple guide will hopefully help to clear up any confusion and have you smelling great all day.

Know Your Fragrance

Not all colognes are the same. Here’s a quick tour of cologne basics:

Eau Fraich: Usually a diluted fragrance that contains 1-3% perfume oil to water. However, the scent typically only lasts less than an hour.

Aftershaves: These are usually marketed as something you apply after shaving. The clue is in the name, really. But think highly diluted oil to water and alcohol content. The smell usually lasts an hour or less.

Cologne: Or the modern name for men’s perfume. And usually contains masculine scents. Think woody, fresh and fruity. They typically have 2-4% perfume oil to water. The scent lasts around 2 hours.

Eau de Toilette: These are super light and usually sprayed from a bottle. They can have 5-15% perfume oil mixed with water. Lasts about 3 hours.

Perfumes: While this is a gender-neutral term, it’s been historically linked to women. Perfumes typically have a high concentration of perfume oils to water and can last between 5-10 hours.

Parfumes: These are the most expensive. They will have a very high concentration of perfume oils and can last 24 hours.

DIOR SAUVAGE Eau de Toilette

DIOR SAUVAGE Eau de Toilette

Choose The Right Scent

All of us have certain smells we are drawn to. Regardless of your desired scent, you need to buy the right product so that the scent will last.

Some people suggest that you never buy a cheap cologne. However, quality is not always linked to price.

Instead, it all comes down to the previous tip you read above. If you want a scent to last for just a few hours, go with a cologne. However, if you want to smell fresher for longer, you can choose a Eau de Toilette or full on perfume. But remember that the higher the concentration of oil, the more oil it contains, and, likely, the more expensive the product.

Apply At The Right Time

Trust us. This step is important. If possible, apply your cologne straight after you step out of the shower. The reason being that your pores will be open. As a result, your fragrance will be better absorbed.

If you are using a spray, hold the bottle at least 4-5 inches away from your skin. This will allow for a wider distribution of product. and try to avoid applying your cologne to your groin or armpits. Many of the ingredients can cause irritation.

And if you are one of those people who applies fragrance to your clothes, you may want to stop. Not only will the smell quickly evaporate, but it can stain your clothes.


Beauty tips for men how to identify different fragrances

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