How to care of your false lashes the proper way

How to take care of your false lashes the proper way

How to take care of your false lashes the proper way

Reusing your false lashes is a great way to save money when doing your makeup. And it goes without saying that you should never use someone else’s falsies. Even if you know they are clean and sanitise. It’s just the best way to avoid eye infections.

And with everything that is going on lately, we want things to be clean and sanitised. Which is why you need to know how to take care of your false lashes properly. Keep reading here at Makeup & Beauty Tips Ireland to find out.

Wash Your Hands

That’s it. That’s the first step. Simple. Wash your hands. There is no point in attempting to clean your lashes if you are going to contaminate them with germs on your hands.

Know What They Are Made Of

Are your falsies natural or synthetic? You need to know which one as, depending on the type, you’ll need to clean them differently.

Remove Leftover Glue

Whatever leftover lash glue remains needs to go. And that is where your tweezers come in handy. Gently pinch the glue and pull it away from your lashes.

Clean With Oil-Free Makeup Remover

If you are using natural lashes, skip this step. Using makeup remover will cause your lashes to lose their shape. You also should not be using mascara. Unless you feel like you really need to. In which case, use a tiny amount before applying your lashes.

For synthetic lashes, place them on a paper towel and make sure your makeup remover is oil-free. Put some on a cotton bud and start to remove any makeup from your lashes. To help preserve your lashes, go in one direction until your cotton bud is clean.

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Get Them A Little Wet

And we mean a little. You are not holding them under the tap. Instead, take a cotton bud and soak it in warm water. Gently rub your lashes to remove any remaining makeup remover.

Sanitise With Rubbing Alcohol

Take a cotton bud, soak it in your rubbing alcohol – use one that is 70% – and gently stroke your lashes to sanitise them. Anything higher than 70% alcohol and it won’t have time to kill the bacteria before evaporating.

For extra cleanliness, do not dip the same cotton bud in the alcohol over and over again. Make sure you pay attention to the band of your lashes. This is the part that makes direct contact with your eyes so needs to be sanitised properly.

Air Dry

Do not squeeze them or pat them dry. instead, give them enough time to air dry – and they will be good to go the next time you use them. And keep the box they came in. Often, this is the best place to store them when not in use. Put them back in their semi-circle position and they will hold their shape.

How to take care of your false lashes the proper way

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